Thursday, August 12, 2010

FINALLY got in to blog!

Our main computer has been down for 6-8 weeks, not sure exactly. Time blurrs when u can't get online...haha. kidding. I AM able to get online with my iPod touch, but can't get in here to blog. It won't let me past the title section. And Pammy, I've tried to comment on your blog several times....just never worked.

So what's new with me?
Well my weight is between 206 and 209, so I'm not that far from ONEderland. Yay me. hehe.
My tendonitis is getting better I'd say. Not allowed to run. At all. And that frustrates me. So my 10K and my half marathon are officially out. Sad about that. Sorry Greg, Jan, Mary :o(

In 5 days we are going camping for 2 weeks. Or at least we are going to attempt it. :oD
I will do some water exercises and I THINK we're taking our bikes, so I anticipate some nice solo rides. Maybe a little hike or two. It's going to be fun. I'm not sweating it anymore. Just going to go with the flow.

I've been stressed out and sick, but I THINK I'm finally coming around, calming down. Just waiting on my back and stomach to catch up and settle down.

September 1st I'm starting back with another round of P90X, and I'm going to give it my best shot, tendonitis or not. I have the rest of this weight to lose and I WILL be in the 160's by December. That leaves til spring to get to goal weight, and I think that's fine by me considering I had some setbacks with health. So yeah. Totally on track to a new me. WooFreakinhoo Baby!