Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 1 Re-rebooting.

Backing away from the bagel! I really want one. I know it's going to taste yummy. But you know what? I'm tired of my nose being stuffed, and I'm tired of my stomach aching, and I'm tired of my joints and back hurting. So, easy solution. Staying away from the gluten today! I called this day, DAY1 because while I made good choices for the most part yesterday, I DID have gluten. This is my new new beginning. I'm doing this to feel good. Losing weight will just be a side effect, one that I'm more than stoked to live with ;o)
Will this be easy? Nope, it never is when I go back on this. I've only been off my gluten-free/sugar-free for 3 weeks, but that's how quickly it grabs a hold of you. It's insidious, I tell you! Evil evil sugar, evil evil gluten!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New beginning

Tomorrow is a new beginning and I'm totally stoked. I'm considering working towards converting our whole family over to The Primal Way of life. I know everyone would be a lot healthier. The only one I truly have issues or concerns with is Emily. She is a finicky eater. She doesn't like trying anything. But she's at that age now where her body is changing (13 ish) and she is so self conscious right now that I think she'll be more than willing to try things that will make her healthier and help with the transition from tween to teen.

Tomorrow starts with me doing all my morning health routines, drinking my water, P90X-ing, and working on the primal way of eating. I may not get it all worked out tomorrow, but I'm definitely working on implementing it very soon. Tomorrow is my new beginning and this time it WILL stick!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

And life gets in the way.....

Wow, I cannot believe I did it again, and haven't blogged in a week.
I have had company all week. My sister has been here visiting, and one of my closest friends is going through some turmoil so she and her daughter are staying with us for a while. One busy house and a LOT of estrogen (poor hubby) The regular swing of things food and fitness-wise hasn't been seen around here for a while now, and I actually miss it.
It's funny as I read my last post where I proclaim "MONDAY" as my reboot...haha. Well, Guess what? I'm about to make that proclamation again.
I have been tired lately. More tired than usual. My body is sluggish, my back hurts, and my joints ache. It dawned on me that it is likely due to the fact that I've been off my gluten-free, sugar-free eating since the 5K. That night on the way home I was famished so we went to Boston Pizza for dinner, and I ate a Stromboli. YUM! It was divine. AND I shared a Chocolate Explosion with Greg and Emily. It was rich and chocolatey and ooey gooey good. I never felt anything out of the ordinary with that meal as regards my body tho. SO I thought that maybe I had licked the food allergy thing. And YES, the timing was way weird. And I don't know exactly why I chose to do that after such a proud day and a great achievement for me. Anyway, since then I've let it slip. I am still hovering at the same weight, but I COULD HAVE LOST WEIGHT! I've been drinking regular coffee, and I've even had chips and dips *gasp* WHY? Not sure exactly. I think I was testing my body, seeing how far I could go before I felt like crap, sort of like an experiment. Well, I'm here now. I feel like crap on a stick. My stomach hurts. Pain. I feel like I'm 15 pounds heavier. I'm even walking differently, because I feel so bloated. I'm sneezy, bloated and tired and achey! All very good reasons to get my booty in gear! I've got HUGE goals, and they won't come to fruition unless I get started. I cannot waste any more time!

I hereby designate MONDAY as my official return to health and fitness, to P90X, and to starting a Primal way of life. I WILL fulfil this promise to myself to become fit and hot and 'cougar-ish'! Look out, Lisa's comin for ya!

Ahhh, now that I got THAT out of the way, I guess I'd better write about my goals again.

1. P90X, Y, Z haha. That just means I'm going to add some other stuff in like, jogging, hiking the back bush, getting some yard work done...all active stuff.

2. Primal baby. Back to the basics of eating: quality sources of animal protein, colorful vegetables and fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. AND I will be blogging about The Primal Blueprint and how things are going in relation to that. I am certain it's going to make the difference for me! It's Jon Gabriel meets Mark Sisson...and it's brilliant!

3. WATER! WATER! WATER...like between 96-120 oz of water.

4. All my vitamins and minerals and nutrients.
5. Getting out in the sunshine and fresh air.

6. Mental Secrets cd.

With this plan in tact, there is absolutely NO WAY I will not only meet my goals, but exceed them. My future starts NOW!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Goals

I actually can't believe that I haven't blogged in a week! What's up with that? Apparently I've let a couple things slip, and I aim to rectify that ASAP. So, here are a few of things I NEED to do:

1. Drink my 96 oz of water/daily
2. Mental Secrets (Gabriel Method) nightly
3. P90X-Officially re-rebooting on Monday
4. couch 2 5k
5. declutter
6. vitamins REGULARILY
7. Phytonutrients (phytoberry)

8. Read "The Primal Blueprint"

The weather is nice now, even tho it's threatening to snow...but since most of it has melted already, I don't care. What it has done for me, it has given me the itch to do spring cleaning. I want to get to some yard work. I'm going to paint the living room and dining room next week. I'm decluttering the house so I can have a healthy uncluttered mind, and can devote my mental energies to fulfilling my fitness goals, and believe me, I have big ones!

Plus with the weather being so nice, I'm going to spend time out doors, maybe start my couch 2 5k training on the road as opposed to the treadmill. My foot is still tender, so I'm not sure how much jogging I can do..we'll see. And this year I'm kind of excited to get on my bike.

There's nothing like a beautiful sunny spring to get a person moving. I say a wholehearted "bring it on, baby" Watch me morph, watch me fly, watch me soar!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Tuesday March 16/10

Yesterday we went shopping. I wasn't planning on buying clothes, in fact I don't actually know why I went into Tommy Hilfiger. Maybe I was feeling kind of sassy, maybe I was feeling kind of hot. I don't know. I remember that years ago when I was larger I went shopping in one of these stores and they had a larger person section. So I thought, why not. Well, I never even looked to see if they had a larger section. This time as I was walking in I kept telling myself about the new jacket I bought, and the little nighties, how they were in the regular size section, and just XL. So I went in there and I looked at a few things, and decided to try some on. And I was so happy. I bought clothes in Tommy Hilfiger, in the regular size section. You have NO idea how much that has sparked me! I cannot wait to be thinner. And NOW while I am getting there, I don't have to go into larger people stores any more, I can shop at name brand retail shops AND buy clothes that actually look good on me. Talk about a boost! With Spring in full swing, the snow melting, the sun shining, renewed energy, life in bloom, it only reinvigorates me. I am like Spring. I am being reborn. I am being renewed. The old me has passed on and the 'new improved' me is here. I am better than I have ever been. I am woman, hear me roar! This is my year, this cougar has been born. Watch out for me, I'm a comin! :o)


Since the 5K, I've had some issues with my foot that I tweaked during Plyometrics a few weeks ago. In fact, there hasn't been a moment it doesn't hurt. I also have a pull in my arm/shoulder, my back is in knots, aaaand I've been sooo tired, so that's sort of put my working out on hold. I decided to take last week and rest up, see if those things that are bothering me will calm down. I've done some thinking and with this nice weather spurring my desire for thinness and my drive for fitness, I've been re-evaluating things.

I had a busy weekend away, and I did eat off my gluten-free restriction. What I've noticed that even tho my weight didn't go up, my body didn't feel as good as it usually feels. While I find it a relief to know that I'm not going to balloon by going off every once and a while, I am also certain that in order to FEEL good, I need to stay on. The difference for me is that I no longer feel stress or pressure if I can't find gluten-free to eat. I will tweak when I need to, and I will make the best choices at the moment, but it does not rule my life. I have found the balance again regarding food.

Now for the exercise. I was away until late yesterday so no working out. I will get P90X in today. I've decided that until my foot actually heals up, I will sub the workouts involving legs out for other less foot invasive P90X workouts. I may be doing more X Stretch these next couple of weeks than other workouts, but I'm totally fine with that.

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's even better than I thought! Last 5K my chip time was 55:43, this 5K my chip time was 46:20! That's 9:23!! I cut my time by 9+ minutes!!! WOOHOO baby!

Frosty 5K, March 7/10

So this weekend started out great. My family went down on Friday night and stayed at Marys. Then Saturday, Mary and I went to Burlington to get our race kits. We're there, and lo and behold, SO IS JACQUI!!! WHAT?! She and Pam planned to surprise me at the race, and to go even farther than that, they arranged to run it with me. THEY WERE THERE PICKING UP THEIR RACE KITS! So after I hugged out Jacqui, I turn, and there walking in was Pam and Kevin and Becca! I look at them IN SHOCK! And of course, the hugging started all over again. That was the Single nicest surprise I've had in a while. Thanks Ladies. That meant the world to me! It was so nice to meet Pam and Kevin and Becca. What lovely people. :o) And so much fun! Pam is a laugher, she loves to laugh, and so do Jacqui and I. We definitely make the perfect 3 Amigo team. Team Pitz, Spitfire and Spunky! xoxo

Waiting for the ladies to get here...how can I NOT goof around?! LOL

The 3 Amigos.................plus my Mary(she is an honorary Amigo)...waiting to run

Yay Pitz!!!..........And Yay Mary....SO proud of you two! XO!

Pitbull and Mary hung around with us until between 1-2K , but they're much faster so happily they went on ahead. GO GIRLS!

Here we are, Pammy and I...her long lets propelled her ahead. Hey Pam, next time you're going to turn on the gas, give me some warning, LOL. That way my little short legs will be prepared. Haha! We ran it together, beginning to end. LOVED IT! We made goals. Run to that point over there, walk from here to there, run again, and so on until we gave it all we had at the finish line. One thing I LOVED, coming up to the finish line, we had people saying, "finish strong" and "only 100 m left, give it all you have" and all the cheers. It doesn't matter what level you are, whether you ran the whole thing, or walked or jog/walk intervals, the support, the air of commradery was phenomenal. It felt like this little community of people who are conscious of health and fitness, regardless of their level of fitness.
We felt a real sense of pride, of accomplishment. All of us!
Pammy came in at 46:40, I came in at clock time of 46:42. (chip time is 46:20) For me, that was 8 minutes faster than my last 5k which was last year. EIGHT MINUTES FASTER is AWESOME!
Jacqui and Mary came in at 42:22/24ish...way to go ladies. They ran most of it. How awesome is that?! That will be us in JUNE, right Pam?!
The weather was phenomenal. Last year when Mary and I did this race, it was -21 C! That's not including wind chill. Let's just say, IT WAS COLD...aptly titled, eh. Frosty it was! This year, it was +10 C. We started out with jackets on and gloves. About 2 K, our jackets came off, and I actually ditched Marys hat and my gloves (sorry babe!) WE RAN IN OUR T-SHIRTS! It was awesome
There were 3,300- half marathoners, 300- 5K's, and some walking half marathoners. That's A LOT of people. There was this never ending sea of marathoners, it was so amazing to see. My husband and I will see what that feels like in October along with Mary and my friend Jan...can't wait...and terrified at the same time!
I forgot my heart rate monitor at home. That was a bummer. I was counting on using it to push myself. See, when people get tired out, or out of breath, the tendancy is to slow down. But when you use the heart rate monitor, it pushes you. It tells you, 'you know what, you can go longer' so I do. It worked out well tho. Pam had hers. We did great.
I was happy that I did my warming up and stretching before the run because last year, we didn't have time and we paid for it. Mary and I were so sore. This time, we were fine. I do have foot issues tho. The left foot that I tweaked during Plyo a few weeks ago held out until about 4K, and then I pushed through. By the time we were done, I was in agony. We got our water, piece of fruit and headed to get our bowl of chili, and by the time I got there, I had to sit and take my shoe off. The pain! WOW. My foot felt crushed. The pain lasted for about 6 hours. This morning, the only side effect I have is my feet are both tender, and I'm a little tight. I was going to do P90X Chest & Back today, but decided to do X Stretch instead...and I'm telling you, I am SO looking forward to doing it.
It was such a great event. It has us all stoked up for our next 5K in June. Pam, Jacqui and I are doing it. And then, we might do the Island Girl's 10K in August with Mary. This is the beginning of a wonderful things. Bring it on! I am so on my way to becoming 'fabulously fit by 40'!

Friday, March 5, 2010

March Weigh-In

Okay, I just have to day this sucks. This weight is NOT an accurate reflection of where I am right now. I've been down 2 pounds less than this all week, with the scale flashing 2 pounds lower than that lower number. But because of sodium with a late dinner along with 2 hours of driving before settling down for an hour of TV where I actually feel asleep during the show (that never happens), and a really crappy sleep last night, here I am. So, I'm not going to freak out too much. I know that this month I will knock it out of the part, and I'm moving forward. Onward and upward!

Feb. 5 : 221
Mar 5: 219
On the bright side...notice, my toes are all painted! LOL Like I totally wouldn't THAT again. :o)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Temporary Departure From P90X

I have decided that this week I will take a temporary leave from P90X and concentrate on the treadmill. I couldn't do the treadmill for a while now because of my heel. But now that my heel is healed I can do it again. This Sunday is the Frosty 5K. The weather has been nice, mild even, so just watch it be -30 C on Sunday. Ha. It's going to feel good doing the treadmill. Next Monday, my hubby and I will be back at P90X, we're going to count it as week 2 even tho we had some stops and starts. Last week was good, except that I made a conscious decision to forgo the workout on the weekend. I've been really tired lately...so last night, I chose to go to bed instead of working out. My kids have been sick..SO NOT FUN...which complicates the whole workout-in -the-day thing. I'm still in it mentally. I'm getting back in it physically. My body takes a hit when I'm stressed out or exhausted...so the goal is to build myself back up to keep this downward trend happening. Happily, I broke through a plateau, and I am only 18 pounds away from Onederland. I am SO STOKED. I'm hoping to be there by April 1. Ahhhhh! It is TOTALLY doable. Just gotta keep focused, and keep doin it.