Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 1 Re-rebooting.

Backing away from the bagel! I really want one. I know it's going to taste yummy. But you know what? I'm tired of my nose being stuffed, and I'm tired of my stomach aching, and I'm tired of my joints and back hurting. So, easy solution. Staying away from the gluten today! I called this day, DAY1 because while I made good choices for the most part yesterday, I DID have gluten. This is my new new beginning. I'm doing this to feel good. Losing weight will just be a side effect, one that I'm more than stoked to live with ;o)
Will this be easy? Nope, it never is when I go back on this. I've only been off my gluten-free/sugar-free for 3 weeks, but that's how quickly it grabs a hold of you. It's insidious, I tell you! Evil evil sugar, evil evil gluten!!


Moi said...

Icky. I have a bunch of celiac friend and gluten free is not so nice sometimes. Just a warning, the gluten free bagels suck monkey's butt. You can do it. You will start to feel better and it will be worth it.

Spitfire said...

Haha. Sounds gross!
Yeah, I'm not going to try anything like that. I'm actually considering weaning out rice even...going more primal. For now tho, it's back to rice bread if I need some toast. I've done well on it, but once you go off the gluten-free thing, it's like it grabs hold of you and holds on for dear life...same with sugar. So, this should be an interesting week.
Thanks for the support :o)

Pam90X said...

You can do eeeeet! I know you can! You are strong and you are woman!! Hear you roar!!!!!

Mindy said...

that's so fantastic! i think it's amazing and i will be praying for your success! i love that you said that weight loss will be a side effect. i love seeing the focus go from weight loss to ultimate health! Keep it up!