Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Goals

I actually can't believe that I haven't blogged in a week! What's up with that? Apparently I've let a couple things slip, and I aim to rectify that ASAP. So, here are a few of things I NEED to do:

1. Drink my 96 oz of water/daily
2. Mental Secrets (Gabriel Method) nightly
3. P90X-Officially re-rebooting on Monday
4. couch 2 5k
5. declutter
6. vitamins REGULARILY
7. Phytonutrients (phytoberry)

8. Read "The Primal Blueprint"

The weather is nice now, even tho it's threatening to snow...but since most of it has melted already, I don't care. What it has done for me, it has given me the itch to do spring cleaning. I want to get to some yard work. I'm going to paint the living room and dining room next week. I'm decluttering the house so I can have a healthy uncluttered mind, and can devote my mental energies to fulfilling my fitness goals, and believe me, I have big ones!

Plus with the weather being so nice, I'm going to spend time out doors, maybe start my couch 2 5k training on the road as opposed to the treadmill. My foot is still tender, so I'm not sure how much jogging I can do..we'll see. And this year I'm kind of excited to get on my bike.

There's nothing like a beautiful sunny spring to get a person moving. I say a wholehearted "bring it on, baby" Watch me morph, watch me fly, watch me soar!


Pam90X said...

yay!!! the decluttering and painting will give you that much more of a boost...funny how the environment around us can alter our attitudes towards things like exercise!

So proud of you...oh and I love the idea of spa or shopping sounds awesome

Pitbull said... absolutely rock! I'm so proud of you! I'm getting back on track too! Thought I was starting on Friday...but turns out Eugene figured I was starting Monday (that's what I usually do), and he had other plans! They certainly weren't good for me either! One last "farewell" to cheats I guess!!! He's so damn funny sometimes! So....Monday it is...back on track! I'm right there with ya cutie!!