Saturday, March 13, 2010


Tuesday March 16/10

Yesterday we went shopping. I wasn't planning on buying clothes, in fact I don't actually know why I went into Tommy Hilfiger. Maybe I was feeling kind of sassy, maybe I was feeling kind of hot. I don't know. I remember that years ago when I was larger I went shopping in one of these stores and they had a larger person section. So I thought, why not. Well, I never even looked to see if they had a larger section. This time as I was walking in I kept telling myself about the new jacket I bought, and the little nighties, how they were in the regular size section, and just XL. So I went in there and I looked at a few things, and decided to try some on. And I was so happy. I bought clothes in Tommy Hilfiger, in the regular size section. You have NO idea how much that has sparked me! I cannot wait to be thinner. And NOW while I am getting there, I don't have to go into larger people stores any more, I can shop at name brand retail shops AND buy clothes that actually look good on me. Talk about a boost! With Spring in full swing, the snow melting, the sun shining, renewed energy, life in bloom, it only reinvigorates me. I am like Spring. I am being reborn. I am being renewed. The old me has passed on and the 'new improved' me is here. I am better than I have ever been. I am woman, hear me roar! This is my year, this cougar has been born. Watch out for me, I'm a comin! :o)


Since the 5K, I've had some issues with my foot that I tweaked during Plyometrics a few weeks ago. In fact, there hasn't been a moment it doesn't hurt. I also have a pull in my arm/shoulder, my back is in knots, aaaand I've been sooo tired, so that's sort of put my working out on hold. I decided to take last week and rest up, see if those things that are bothering me will calm down. I've done some thinking and with this nice weather spurring my desire for thinness and my drive for fitness, I've been re-evaluating things.

I had a busy weekend away, and I did eat off my gluten-free restriction. What I've noticed that even tho my weight didn't go up, my body didn't feel as good as it usually feels. While I find it a relief to know that I'm not going to balloon by going off every once and a while, I am also certain that in order to FEEL good, I need to stay on. The difference for me is that I no longer feel stress or pressure if I can't find gluten-free to eat. I will tweak when I need to, and I will make the best choices at the moment, but it does not rule my life. I have found the balance again regarding food.

Now for the exercise. I was away until late yesterday so no working out. I will get P90X in today. I've decided that until my foot actually heals up, I will sub the workouts involving legs out for other less foot invasive P90X workouts. I may be doing more X Stretch these next couple of weeks than other workouts, but I'm totally fine with that.


Jeff said...

Keep those changes coming Lisa - clothes are a great motivator to continue what you're doing and what is working.

Pitbull said...

That's soooo awesome! I'm so proud of you! I remember what that was like switching from Reitmans plus sizes to the regular sizes...IT'S HUGE!!!! And it just gets better from there my fried! I'm glad you've found your new resolve...I'll be with you soon hopefully! I'm desperately trying to find mine! Before I put too much weight back on! ugghh!!

Pam90X said...

What an accomplishment! What a feeling! I'm so happy for you! You have come so far and this is just another one of those things that tells you that you are doing the right thing and the right way!

Now come and catch me :)