Saturday, October 31, 2009

Month 2, Day 6, Kenpo X..Sa-weet Sa-weating!

It never fails...every time I do this workout, I feel just invigorated, powerful, exuberant...the list goes on. I have never done this workout and felt frustrated. Even tho I always bring it, this is THE ONE...the one that makes the whole week worth while. I LOVE this workout. And frankly, no other workout makes me sweat like this. Sure, I sweat plenty with P90X...but this is just insane! Not only can I do everything....I keep right up with them too. I'd love it if every day were Kenpo X day....but then again...having it this way ends the week off juuuust right. A weekend with Kenpo X, and then X Stretch....couldn't ask for more! :O)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Month 2, Day 5 P90X Legs & Back, (and blood, sweat and tears)

Okay, not literally...but close. I brought what I could today, as always. It seems like I am noticing a pattern lately. My attitude is awesome, until I feel a tweak, or a pain which will make me go lighter than I want to go. This happens to be my right knee. Even tho I am capable of more, and want to do more, the right knee has a mind of it's own, and it's quite loud. So, instead of going lower on lunges, and the Seiber squats, I had to go half way. In fact, I still can't do the Toe Roll Iso lunges or the Sneaky Lunges because of that right knee. If I'm careful with it, then one of these days, even if it's next round of P90X, I'll be able to do it.
I bumped it up a bit with the pull-ups. I did the first round hanging (sort of laying) and used the hooks. Then I switched back to beginner with the hooks for the second round of pull-ups. Man, those hanging ones made me sweat...I could feel the heat with the exertion. I'm sweating like a piggy, and I'm exhauted. Time for a recovery drink.

TOMORROW...KENPO X, BABY! (thank goodness...been waiting all week for this!)

Flare up

So I feel my back today. I should have known I would. I was exhausted last night...we went to bed...TO 9:30! 9:30!!! It's not the normal 'been worked out sore' feeling. It's inflamed. I've had 13 + years to understand my back. I knew there would be a possiblility of a flareup given the working out I'm doing, at the intensity I'm doing it. It COULD be worse, if I were still eating refined sugar. But happily, it's not as bad as it could be. However, I will need to Tylenol up before I attempt Legs & Back today. When my back gets like this, it feels feverish, and I'm wiped out. It's similar to how you feel when you get the flu, except it's in my back. What I would do BEFORE I became this strongly dedicated to fitness girl, would have been to stop the workout, and chill. But I'm not going to do that. I'm on a program, and that program shall go on. I will monitor what I do today...if it's something that will aggravate my back, I'll omit it....and that's all I can do. I'm going to 'do my best, and forget the rest'.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Month 2, Day 4, P90X, Yoga X....The Love/Hate Relationship Continues

Well, I don't think I really had my mind totally on this workout today. I just couldn't get into any groove. I did what I could...and even kept trying the moves that I don't have down, like the balance moves. Sheesh! Quiet your mind! Right! I missed 10 minutes because Emily's ride came for her, and it was near the end, the Yoga ab 7 or whatever. So, I just jumped back in after that. I just didn't have it today. But at least I still attempted it, so there's that!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Month 2, Day 3, P90X Back and Biceps...A.K.A. Glamour Muscles :o)

I LOVE this workout. Hmmm, come to think of it, I seem to be saying that a LOT during this program. Seriously though. I DO love this one. There's not much better feeling than arms that are pUmPeD uP from working with weights. I could leave the back part...gimme more biceps! I think I feel my back though, and since I have back issues, I'm not sure which way I feel it. We'll see!

Here's the workout:

1) Wide Front Pull-Ups: (still using the beginner mode of the bar, until my weight comes way farther down)

2) Lawnmowers:
17 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

3) Twenty-Ones: :o)
21 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

4) One-Arm Cross-Body Curls:
15 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

5) Switch Grip Pull-Ups:

6) Elbows-Out Lawnmovers:
14 @ 10 lbs

7) Standing Bicep Curls: :o)
15 @ 10 lbs

8) One-Arm Concentration Curls: :o)
10 ea @ 10 lbs

9) Corn Cob Pull-Ups: not sure if I did this right

10) Reverse Grip Bent-Over Rows:
15 @ 8 lbs

11) Open Arm Curls: :o)
18 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

12) Static Arm Curls: :o)
16 @ 10 lbs

13) Towel Pull-Ups:

14) Congdon Locomotives: :o)
40 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

15) Crouching Cohen Curls:
17 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

16) One-Arm Corkscrew Curls: :o)
17 @ 10 lbs (increase next time)

17) Chin-Ups:

18) Seated Bent-Over Back Flys:
20 @ 8 lbs (increase next time)

19) Curl-Up/Hammer Downs: FAVORITE
16 @ 10 lbs

20) Hammer Curls: FAVORITE
10 @ 15 lbs

21) Max Rep Pull-Ups:

22) Superman: check

23) In-Out Hammer Curls: FAVORITE
14 @ 10 lbs

24) Strip-Set Curls: FAVORITE
8 @ 15 lbs, 8 @ 10 lbs, 8 @ 8 lbs, 8 @ 5 lbs (buy a 12 lbs wt and remove the 5)

I may feel this tomorrow. :o)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Month 2, Day 2 P90X, Plyometrics! Kicked My Butt Today!

Well, that was interesting. I have NO idea why, but Plyometrics kicked my butt today! Seriously! Quite frequently between new exercises, I had to stop and get my heart rate back down from insanity to in my zone. It has NEVER done that to me before. I didn't stop exercising, I would do ballistic stretches, and marches to get it down. It was very annoying. And, I'm covered in so much sweat, it's rediculous. Normally I would sweat buckets...but this is like a barrel of sweat. LOL. Good thing I still have my humor. I stopped half way and made a recovery drink and sipped on that, which likely helped. I did everything though. Success even if it almost beat me!

On a side note, my 12 year old walked by me as I was working out and she says to me "Bring it Mom!" LOL. That's my girl! :o)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Month 2, day 1, P90X Chest,Shoulders & Triceps

Well, that was fun. Okay, there are like a gazillion push-ups in about both senses of the word. I did what I could with the push-ups...but then I pulled something in my abdomen doing a standard floor then I had to just go to knees and didn't bother trying standard ones again. I DID really like the Clap push-ups (on knees) tho. Okay, Tony is PSYCHO!! I actually had to rewind for a few seconds to watch him do his 20 PLYO push-ups...he got some air, man! WOW. I'm not sure if I'll try Ab Ripper X tonight or not. I have a residual pull on my right side from Core Synergistics last week, and today did the same thing on the left. Not sure why either, maybe from weakness, maybe from bad form, maybe from already feeling worked out.
Now the weight part...LOVED IT! My favorites have got to be the "Throw The Bomb", and the "Slo-Mo Throws", the "Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions" , "Fly-Row Presses", "Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows"....pretty much all the weight ones...LOL.

Every time there is a new workout, I record it here, so.....

Here's the workout for today:

1)Slow-Motion 3-in-1 Push-Ups:
3 standard up&down, 2 standard up, then knees down, + 4 knees up& down

2) In & Out Shoulder Flys:
16 @ 5lbs (increase next time)

3) Chair Dips:
8 straight legs

4) Plange Push-Ups:
11 knees

5) Pike Presses: :o)

6) Side Tri-Rises: :0)
15 each side

7) Floor Flys: :o(
2 Standard, then pulled something in abs/ 3 knees

8)Scarecrows: :o)
15 @ 5 lbs (increase next time)

9) Overhead Tricep Extensions: :o)
15 @ 5 lbs (increase next time)

10) Two-Twitch Speed Push-Ups: :0/
2fst, 3 slo, 3 fst, 3 slo, 3 fst, 3 slo

11) Y Presses: :o)
15 @ 8 lbs

12) Lying Tricep Extensions: :o)
12 @ 10 lbs (increase next time)

13) Side to Side Push-Ups: :o/
13 knees

14) Pour Flys: :o)
12 @ 5lbs (increase next time)

15) Side Leaning Tricep Extensions: :o)
12 ea @ 8 lbs

16) One Arm Push-Ups:
12 knees

17) Weighted Circles:
10 x 4 @ 3lbs sounds like too low...but it does burn.

18) Throw The Bomb: :o)
12 ea @ 8 lbs

19) Clap or Plyo Push-Ups: :o)
15 knees

20) Slo-Mo Throws: :o)
? @ 5 busy watching Tony readjust The muscle-bound lawyer...LOL

21) Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions: :o)
17 ea @ 8 lbs

22) One-Arm Balance Push-Ups: :o)
5 standard, arm gave out on 6, LOL

23) Fly-Row Presses: :o/
6 @ 8lbs, 2 @ 5 lbs - have to learn the combo better

24) Dumbbell Cross Body Blows: :oD
45 @ 10 lbs (try to increase next time)

This was a great workout. Some of the weights I used were lower than I could have used, but since it was my first time doing this workout, it gives me lots of room for improvement. I'm upping the weights next soon as I transcribe the sheet to another one....yep, my jelly arms spilled half of my recovery drink all over it...luckily missing the computer keyboard.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Losing 30 Lbs is like losing a 3 yr old. ;o)

This morning, I went to the healthfood store with my 3 yr old. She wasn't feeling well, so I ended up picking her up and carrying her. She felt heavy...not at first, but gradually, she seemed to get heavier and heavier. Then it dawned on me. Carrying her around...was equivalent to carrying my 31 pounds around again...the 31 pounds that I recently purposely removed. I thought to myself...I carried that weight around 24/7. No wonder I was tired all the time. I can't wait to be freed of a 5 yr old too! ;o)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Month 1 is DONE!........wk 4, day 7 P90X, X Stretch

I definitely had a struggle with this tonight. I have a bad headache...and every time I had to put my head low, well, you HURT. But, I just asked hubby for some Xtra strength Tylenol, and I kept doing it...breathing through the hurt. The rest of my body feels good, definitely glad that I did it....but my head still hurts.

Month 1 is done! I'm really looking forward to this next phase...mostly because there are new workouts in it. I'm a bit anxious because I worry that it's going to be tough...but I'm UP for that challenge. Even IF it IS tough, I know that in a few weeks, I'll be sailing right through them...just in time for the last phase, which is likely tougher yet. LOL What else would I expect of P90X?! Like Tony says, "It's a beautiful thing!"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wk 4, Day 6, P90X, Yoga X

I don't believe I'm even going to say this...but I feel much better after having done the Yoga X today. I was in a weird place today...part not feeling well, part tired, part gloomy dull day combined with sick kids. I didn't feel like doing it at all. Then when I put the DVD in and I noticed the duration of the disc, I was like "what?" having forgot it was an hour and a half. Fabulous! Yep, that's what I thought. I didn't feel like doing it, and NOW it was going to be 90+ minutes?! How I could have forgotten that, I'll never know. LOL. This was only my what...6th time doing it! That tells you my frame of mind. However, I actually started to do what you're supposed to do in Yoga, and let my mind go, and just concentrate on the breathing and the moves. I love that I'm getting stronger. I love that I'm getting better balance too. the beginning of 'Tree', when Tony fell out, I managed to stay IN. Haha...of course, the happiness that I managed to stay in, almost threw me out of balance..hehe. And for the Dancer pose...I can do that longer as well...obviously not getting a toe hold. Anyway, after this workout this time, and feeling the way I did when I started, I'm very proud of my effort today, and psyched that my brain may be coming around to the bright side, the loving Yoga side. Maybe it won't take as long to be a believer, after all.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wk 4, Day 5, P90X Core Synergistics

I'm surprised at how much I like this one. Seriously. In my head, I remember I enjoyed it, but I think it won't STICK until I do it a few more times, and then the enjoyment factor will be synonomous with it. Make sense? I'm surprised at how much it makes you sweat. I'm surprised at how quickly the time goes by. It is quite fun. So, Kenpo is my ultimate favorite, but I think Core has been bumped up. I love DOING things I don't think I can do...feels like winning.
I didn't do the Drea Roll tho...LOL. THAT is NOT a pretty sight! It's gonna take some time for me to get that down without looking like a clown. I was distracted by kids during the last 10 minutes (my 5 yr old bit my 12 yr, what's up with that?) so I only counted about 55 minutes. I guess tomorrow is Yoga X. We'll see how that goes....maybe I'll miraculously end up with some balance.....or not. ;o)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wk 4, Day 4, P90X, X Stretch

Well, I don't think I had it today. I DID it, but my brain wasn't there, wasn't relaxed. Not feeling so hot, and kid distractions, etc. It wasn't my most fun or enjoyable X Stretch ever. Did the work, my body was there at the game, but my head wasn't. So that kinda sux. I'm feeling my abs from Core Synergistics, just in time to do it again tomorrow! Yippee! Hopefully I'll have a better frame of mind tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wk 4, Day 3, P90X, Kenpo X

I know I keep saying it...but I LOVE KenpoX! I'm sitting here with sweat dripping off my hair, and I love it. Not very feminine, huh. LOL. So what?! I am woman, hear me roar, get in my face and it'll be "to the face, to the gut!" Hehe. That's what Tony says during some of the punching combos. I can be pretty and still kick butt! I bring the intensity, baby! How's THAT for confidence. Ahhhh.....must be all those lovely endorphins. *takes a nice big cleansing breath*
Seriously, I wish everyone could do Kenpo's very liberating. It's a wonderful change of pace, that's for sure. I usually do the low impact jacks and X jumps during the breaks...but today, I did jacks for the whole first section of jacks, and X jumps for that section too. During the other breaks, I just kept it at low impact. Each time I get stronger, and there's nothing more empowering than being able to feeeel your strength, and feel it growing.

I'm ready for tomorrow....which happens to be X Stretch ! Oh yeah, baby!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wk 4, Day 2, P90X Core Synergistics

Well, I'm not sure why I was so nervous about this...I LOVED IT! It shouldn't surprise me though, I LOVE this P90X program! I did 9 pushups in a row, the REAL kind, the STANDARD kind. I never went super low, but I got lower than I did before. I am getting stronger day by day, and it's a fabulous feeling. I did my best, even if it meant doing some of the exercises the modified way. I'm sweating like a piggy, but I feel fantastic. I like this WAAAAAY better than Yoga X...(which I'm sure I'll start to love in the last month...or the second round of P90X.) This one exercise called Reach High and Under Push-ups...yeah, that one scard me. When I saw what he was doing, I said "oh right! I can't do that!" Then after a few minutes of indecision, I thought "oh, hell" and I gave it a shot, fully not expecting to be able to do it. But the whole point is to attempt it, right? So I did. And I was shocked. I could do it. So I did it again. And I kept doing it right along with them...not as fast, so not as many...but I did it! I broke a mind barrier today.

Note to self...stop being skeptical! Own your strength!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wk 4, Day 1, P90X Yoga X

Okay, well, I actually didn't mind that today. I think there may be hope for me and my relationship with Yoga X. ;o)
I felt stronger, was able to do most of the parts in the first section with little frustration....until the half moon thingy, and the twisting half moon thingy right before my favorite section, BALANCE! Of course I was being sarcastic right then....I wonder when my balance will improve and my TREE stance will look like a tree, and not a wilting flower...hehe.
Obviously, I'm still not any closer to PLOUGH, or Crane....but that WILL come as I lose more weight. This time I wasn't praying for death....or watching the seconds tick by...I did pretty well, I think.

So tomorrow is Core Synergistics.....*biting nails here*....I'm going to have to preview that one, just because.

Btw, I DO love that I'm sitting up straighter, and my back feels strong. Big thumbs up for that!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wk3 Day 7, P90X X Stretch....Bring on Week 4!

I did my X Stretch this afternoon. I love that hardly feels like a workout. The stretching is essential after the weeks worth of killing it with the P90X. Even tho I'm tired, I just can't see why I wouldn't do this's so worth it. I know everyone says you need a rest day, well, this IS sort of a rest day...stretching does a body good.

Tomorrow starts week 4...the recovery and abs week. I'm a bit nervous. TWO YogaX workouts, TWO core synergistics,....I don't even know what that is yet. I'm going to have to preview it before I attempt it. And the abs....well, my lower back has been not so great...I'm going to have to play it by ear...see what I can do.

Bring on tomorrow! :o)

Wk 3, Day 6, Kenpo X

We went away today and didn't get back until 8:45 pm, so I had to do my Kenpo X after the kids were put to bed, at 9:15pm. I was tired, but I did it anyway, there were no 'if's ands or buts about it'. I love Kenpo. It makes you sweat like crazy, but it's so much fun!
Tomorrow is X Stretch, and then 3 weeks have been done...moving on to the next stage.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wk 3, Day 5, P90X Legs and Back

Here's a the content BEFORE clicking Publish Post! Grrr. I had my post all typed out, and then when I went to publish it, it lost it due to a 'conflicting edit'. Now if I can remember what I typed, I'll be good to go.

I just finished my Legs and Back. I couldn't do the workout at 4, so I had to wait until the kids were in bed, which bumped it to 8pm. I fed my kids earlier, and waited for my husband to come home to the meantime, I snacked on seeds while I waited for my hubby...and then my daughter fell asleep on the couch so I took her to bed, and read a story to my 5 yr old. Somehow in the mix, I forgot to eat supper before I worked half way through the workout, I had to get my husband to mix me my recovery drink....I was junk, I felt like crap, I felt like I was about to crash, actually. The recovery drink did help....and I powered through...although I am totally wiped out now.
I did all of these lunges: balancing lunges on chairs, 3 way lunges, alternating side lunges, the step back lunges....but I opted out of the Toe Roll Iso lunges, and the Sneaky knee had had enough. I stretched while they were doing those. Other than that...I did the whole workout. I really enjoy Legs and Back, but not at night! I LOVE the 3-way Calf raises...feel the burn...burn baby, burn! Tomorrow is Kenpo X. I ADORE Kenpo X. I wish I could just skip Yoga X and replace it with Kenpo X...I'd be one happy camper. In fact, this program would be absolutely perfect then. Okay, off to have a shower and then watch a movie. Day 5 is done!

100 days of Consecutive Daily Exercise!

Today is another milestone for me. It marks my 100th day of Consecutive Daily Exercise. When I started my streak, I thought to myself that it would be awesome to get to 100 days, not really believing I would. You know how life throws wrenches in there...right. Well, I was determined. I wouldn't let any day go by without doing SOMETHING, SOME type of PURPOSEFUL exercise! My husband would say to me "I'm so proud of you" as I was on the exercise bike at 11 pm, getting my time in, or doing Jane Fonda, old fall-back leg exercises in the hotel room for 20 minutes at 11:30. It was something that I just wouldn't let go. Karilynn asked me what my favorite part of the exercising was for me, or did I feel like it has changed me somehow? My answer is a resounding YES, it HAS changed me. I told her that mentally I'm stronger, more confident, proud because I set a goal and I am achieving it. Physically, I'm stronger too, and I have more energy, more endurance, and I just feel fabulous overall, not to mention the weight loss. Since I've UPPED my exercising and the effort put out with P90X, I'm at a different level. I'm energized daily, I even move differently. It's the whole package. I definitely recommend that people set a goal like this and then strive to achieve it. You evolve and it affects you in a profound way. It makes you more aware of your power, and teaches you to use it. This isn't the end of my 'streak'. My goal now is to see 200 days, and then 300 days and 365 days. Wouldn't THAT be something. To be able to say that I've exercised EVERY DAY for a FULL YEAR!!! WOW. So, now you know what I'm up to...what about you? Have any exercise goals YOU want to achieve?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wk 3, Day 4, P90X Yoga X

Did it. End of story.

Seriously, I struggled to get through this one. Surprisingly, the first half, I actually did pretty well, even progressing...being able to get into poses, or movements, and holding them. The second half....not so much fun. I have ZERO balance skills...and it just gets frustrating. But I toughed it out, and I'm happy I did. Who knew you could sweat so much from Yoga. SO happy I work out beneath a ceiling fan! SO happy this is done for this week! Now, onto something more fun! Bring it!

4 Month Milestone...refined-sugar-free/gluten-free

Today marks my 120th day refined-sugar-free/gluten-free. I'm so glad I did this because I feel great. And I don't even miss anything because I have found healthy refined-sugar-free/gluten-free alternatives. Sure, sometimes I wouldn't mind jumping at the chance for an icecream or something like that, but this is too important for me to just throw in the towel like that. And you know the saying "if it's not broken, don't fix it"...well, this is working just fine for me. I have way more energy than I ever had and my body doesn't hurt anywhere near the way it used to. Loving the journey!

(99 days consecutive daily exercise)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wk 3, Day 3, P90X Shoulders & Arms...WOW MOM!

I thoroughly enjoyed that. Seriously! I loved it! I pushed even harder, upping my weights, upping my reps....and it feels awesome! There is nothing more enjoyable than competing with yourself and bringing it every single time. And as Tony says "WOW...what's wow backwards? MOM!" LOL.

Ahhahaha! Okay, so Tony and I are dorks! As Karilynn so wonderfully stated, WOW spelled backwards is....WOW! Not MOM...that would be WOW spelled UPSIDE DOWN, Duh! Now everytime I hear him say that, I'm going to crack up...all the world now knows that he is a dunce...hehe...and only a few know that I am. Thanks Karilynn. ;oP

Finding The Solution To The Plateau

So after reading Steve-O's post yesterday morning, it had me thinking about UPPING my food and water. I knew I should eat more, but somehow I just wasn't making conscious decisions to do it. I began to underappreciate the importance of it. But I've been on this plateau for too long now, and I'm kicking my butt with exercise. So, something had to give. That's when Steve-O's post hit home. Yesterday, I made a conscious decision and effort to eat more, and this morning the plateau lifted. I had been struggling to get lower than 251, and early this morning it was at 249.5. SO YAY! That's now my more...and drink about 120 oz of water/day. I WAS doing that...but somehow that petered off to just over 64 oz. The water is UPPED too now...which means bladder conditioning for a couple of days, which means getting up to relieve myself in the night...and I can handle that for a couple of nights. I'm so stoked for the scale to be moving. I'm not obsessed with it, it's not the end all and be all right now, either. I KNOW I'm making progress because my body IS changing. I'm in awe daily... and I'm proud of my efforts, and I'm proud of the results. I'm getting stronger and more fit, daily, and I feel it. This journey is not a quick fix thing... it's a j o u r n e y... and I'm loving the ride.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wk 3, Day 2, P90X Plyometrics

Well I was very proud of my efforts in Plyo today, especially because of my foot. It was a bit hard getting going with the beginning warm up, and my foot pain...but then I got into a groove. Things seemed easier this week, and I even UPPED the intensity today, I seemed to be able to do things that I couldn't do the previous two weeks. Not that I never brought it before, because I did...but I was able to bring it to another level today, and that feels great.


I went to my doctors appointment today. He's the Bone Specialist at the hospital. He told me that the Bone Spur isn't causing my pain, it's the tendons BY the bone spur that is. He said that there isn't much to do for this except a cortisone shot, and weightloss. He asked me what I do for a living, and I said that I am a stay at home mom, but I have been working out a lot to lose weight. After I told him my concerns about the cortisone shot making me gain weight, he said it's not true. The original one may have, but this one is a 3rd generation and it's designed to stay put and not go through the circulatory system. He said it will reduce the inflammation, so I opted for it since he's the specialist, and I'm out of options. While he was off, I asked a nurse if it hurt much. She says that they freeze the, ok, I thought. He comes in with his doctor in training, telling her my concerns and then the answers he gave me and them BAM! He sticks me! OMG!! You have NO idea how much that hurt! My eyes watered, and after I let a huge YEEEOOOOWWWW escape, I was literally speechless as I tried to catch my breath again. Yep, the freezing was IN the needle, so they had to stick me with it first. 30 seconds later, after I'm in agony, the freezing kicks in. He says it should do the trick, that I can go about my business, and stomp around on that. But I MAY need another one in a month. Yay, I cannot wait!
Now, after the fact, I'm relieved. I've been in pain for far too long, so I hope this works!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wk 3, Day 1 P90X Chest & Back

Okay, today was a bit different for me. I was bummed out during this exercise. It could be due to the fact that I hadn't eaten for 6 hours prior to working out...which I KNOW is a no-no! And because my frame of mind was altered, I was ticked off that I still can't do regular pushups. I tried, don't get me wrong...I TRIED, and it just bugged me more. So, I resorted to my knee pushups but at least I managed to go lower than last time, which still works things out for me really well. I want it now...and that's not realistic. At the end of the workout, Tony talks about not beating yourself up if we can't do what they can, that Rome wasn't built in a day....yeah....I know I have a LOT of work to do, and I WILL do it. Note to self...EAT!

Off to get a recovery drink!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wk 2 Day 7 X Stretch

That felt great. It is exactly what the doctor ordered. Working hard during the week feels good, stretching out feels awesome!

I am finished my second week of P90X, and I literally feel wonderful. My body is changing so much, it's incredible. This is the first time that I am actually totally convinced that losing all my weight IS really possible. I really believe it as opposed to hope it. I know it. If my body can make such huge changes in such a short time as 2 weeks, I'm so excited to see what will happen in 3 months, in 9 months, in 12 months! I predict that by this time next year, I will be at my ideal weight. And I can't wait. I'm so excited it's not even funny!

Bring on week 3!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wk 2, Day 6 Kenpo X

That was SOOOO much fun! I LOVE Kenpo X. I wish every day was Kenpo X day! Seriously.
I'm drenched in sweat...gotta take a shower and then have a recovery drink, or vice versa.

Week 2 almost in the bag...I can't believe it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wk2 Day 5 Legs and Back

Worked up a good sweat. Love this workout....except for the gazillion lunges. My knee is acting up, so I had to skip a couple on that side. And my kids did NOT cooperate today. I was soooo frustrated, I just about threw in the towel, and the remote control, and my water bottle. Yep, they had me up there twice referreeing again. Had me all in a funk too. Thank goodness for the recovery drink...I don't know the science behind it, but I started to calm down considerably. Tomorrow is Kenpo X. And I'm looking forward to it. My hubby will get to see first hand the bunch of monkeys that are our daughters. HE can deal with it while I continue my workout. I'm hoping one day those kids will just chill and leave me in peace, while being peaceable themselves, so I can exercise. Is that too much to ask?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

wk 2, Day 4 YOGA X!! Oh, help me now!

Today is Yoga X, and I'm soooo not looking forward to it. I'll do it, but I won't like it...very much...;o)
One day, when I'm all lean and fit and can bend myself into a pretzel, I may not mind it so much....but right now, it's not easy, it IS a workout, and that's exactly why I'm going to keep on doing it. So, P90X YOGA X...I'm a bringin it whether I like it or not. Ha!


I did it, and I've got to say, it was much easier than last week, in some ways. I wasn't as confused, having one Yoga session under my belt. :o)
But my foot hurt like crazy. I don't think you can do Yoga with shoes on...but it sure would be a lot easier, more support for my crazy bone spur foot.
The kids interrupted me a couple of times, and I had to referree. But I got right back into it. It's going to be a while before I can do the plough...which is insanity....but I'm proud of my effort today. AND, interestingly, I want to sit up taller. Who knew?! LOL.

BTW, my husband came home while I was doing Yoga, and he actually said, "I love watching you do Yoga" ROFL...just like I knew he would. Sheesh. Of course I replied "just wait til I'm thinner ;o)" Yep...I can foresee the benefits of Yoga coming in handy...and that's all I'm gonna say about THAT!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wk 2, Day 3 Shoulders & Arms

I'm looking forward to this workout today. I LOVE strength training. I'm skipping the ab workout tho, I can feel my lower back and it's telling me that I should wait a few more days. I think doing the Ab RipperX once a week for a while until I lose more weight will be good enough. There are plenty of core exercises other than the Ab ones...and I really don't need to end up a cripple and have to stop this program. Years of back issues have made me more conscious to read the signs. So, no ab ripper for me today.

Yesterday worked out well, so I'm going to do the same thing today. After the kids get home and have their snax, I'll work out then, around 4:30. Be back to update later.


4:30 didn't quite happen...I DID do it at 6:15 though. I LOVE Shoulders and Arms...there's nothing like that pumped up feeling, like your muscles might burst through your skin...graphic, yes, but as Tony says it's "a GORGEOUS feeling!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wk 2, Day 2, P90X Plyometrics

Well, today was P90X Plyometrics...and it thoroughly kicked my booty! Seriously. Booty is kicked! I am dead! I could almost taste my lungs...and I just have to thank that lovely Orange Cream all-natural recovery drink of mine for saving my butt. I was way tired today, likely because I'm fighting something off, and I could tell from the get go this was going to be a doozy. I think today was even harder than last week. But it's done, I'm done, dinner is now done, and so I'm done. ;o)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week One of P90X in the bag..Onto Week 2!

Today is Chest & Back, and then Ab Ripper X. Even tho I'm fighting a sore throat, I'm still going to bring it. I have to wait until my kids are in bed tonight though so I can have an hour to myself...that way I won't have the distractions. Today is a PD day, so no school, but my 12 year old is away until later. I do think I can get the 20 min. ab workout with minimal interruptions.


Completed Chest & Back...AND AB RIPPER X! OH Crap! That's a tough one. Over 300 ab reps! Killer. But I did it, and I'm so glad I did. One day, I'll get stronger. Taking my recovery drink now...and I'm done!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 7 P90X X Stretch....Bring It! I'm looking forward to it. (109 & 88)

Today is day 7 of P90X. There is an option for resting or for doing X Stretch. I'm going to attempt the X Stretch. I think that after all that I've put my body through this week, it need a good stretch. I'm a bit afraid tho again, lol. I've heard that Kenpo was the easiest workout on the program, and it was still kick-ass, so what do they have in store for X Stretch? Well, I took a looksie in the Fitness Guide, well, they have some of the hardest things in there, like the blasted Side Hip Raise, or the Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-Up...what the hell? LOL. I'll do what I can, as always, and even if I can't do it, I'll modify so I can do most of it. I have a feeling I'll be able to do more than my mind makes me think I can. I rocked this P90X this week so far. I'm certain that that fact is a bit shocking to me as well as anyone who looks at me. I may be a large girl, but I'm a strong one. I'm so stoked for when I'm elite will I be then? I say Bring It, Baby!!


AHHHH! That felt great. Makes me want to sit up straighter.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 6 P90X Kenpo X...I LOVE IT!

I just finished Kenpo and I love it. It is SO MUCH FUN, literally sweated like a pig. In fact, I just finished, went and made my recovery smoothie, and sat here on a towel to type this out. I was even disappointed when it was over, and got my second wind about 10 minutes before it was finished....seriously! It was an hour of fast paced kicking and punching martial arts. I didn't think I could like something more than what I've already done with this P90X stuff, but I do...this is it. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Warm up

Kenpo X:

1) Twist & Pivot:
25 reps ea. side

2) Twist & Pivot with Hook & Uppercut:
25 reps ea. side

3) Jabs :
20 reps with 10 doubles ea. side

4) Jab/Cross:
25 reps ea. side

5) Jab/Cross/Hook:
25 reps ea. side

6) Jab/Cross/Hook/Uppercut:
25 reps ea. side

Cardio Break:
run in place 30 sec
jump rope for 15 sec.
jumping jacks for 20 sec (10 reps) I did low impact jacks

7) Step Drag/High-Low Punch:
20 reps with 10 Doubles

8) Jab/Cross Switch:
20 reps

9) Hook/Uppercut Switch:
20 reps

10) Knee Kick:
20 reps with 10 Doubles ea. side

11) Ball Kick:
30 reps ea. side

Cardio Break:
same as before

12) Side Kick:
30 reps ea. side

13) Back Kick:
25 reps ea. side

14) Three-Direction Kick:
72 reps

15) Side Lunge with High Sword/Low Hammer:
15 reps ea. side

16) Step Drag/Claw/Low Punch:
15 reps with 10 Doubles ea. side

Cardio Break

17) High Block:
30 reps

18) Inward Block:
30 reps

19) Outward Block:
30 reps

20) Downward Block:
30 reps

21) Star Block:
16 reps

Cardio Break

22) Front Shuffle With High Block/Low Punch:
15 reps with 10 Doubles ea. side.

23) Knee/Back Kick:
15 reps ea. side

24) Front & Back Knuckles/Ball Kick/Back Kick:
10 reps ea. side

25) Hook/Uppercut/Low Side Kick:
10 reps ea. side

26) Elbow Series:
30 reps

27) Vertical Punches:
100 reps

Cardio Break

Cool Down

This was a fun workout that ended too soon for my liking. I guess after the tough week, an easier yet still kill it workout is just what the doctore ordered. It's a good job I have a ceiling fan directly above where I'm working out...I know I'd be even more saving grace. LOVE KENPO!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5: P90X Legs & Back

I LOVE Legs & Back! It's a grueling, sweaty, burn for 60 minutes. I love how cleverly it was put together too. Leg workout, leg workout, back, leg, leg, back...etc. It was definitely one of my favorites so far. I LOVE when you work your own body, and you burn, and you feel your muscles, and you push yourself til you're a grunting, groaning, trembling mess, and then that one is finished, and you move on to the next 'event'. Love it! I have to say, I really need to work on the balance part. LOL. I think after I've been doing this for a while, that will just come naturally. And I'm totally serious when I tell you that I NEED THAT! The very first exercise had me fighting for balance...maybe I'll get strong ankles from it. Yay! Every woman needs strong ankles to go with those killer legs, and hot shoes....and that's going to me ME one day...yah baby!

Tip of The Day: Quality Over Quantity!

Legs & Back:

warm up

1) Balance Lunges On A Chair: Legs
18 lft leg, 19 rt leg

2) Calf Raise Squats: Legs
25 reps with 8 lb wts.

3) Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: Back
10 reps

4) Super Skaters: Legs
25 each side

5) Wall Squats: Legs (I HATE THIS)
90 sec, switching lower and higher every 15 sec.

6) Wide Front Pull-Ups: Back
12 reps

7) Step Back Lunges: Legs
15 ea. side

8) Alternating Side Lunges: Legs
24 ea. side

9) Closed-Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: Back
10 reps

10) Single Leg Wall Squats: Legs (I hate this TOO!)
1 minute...alternating legs every 15 sec.

11) Dead Lift Squats: Legs
20 ea. side

12) Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Back
12 reps

13) 3-way Lunges: Legs
5 ea. side

14) Sneaky Lunges: Legs
did 18...out of 20

15) Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: Back
10 reps

16) Chair Salutations: Legs
30 sec. x 2

17) Toe Roll Iso Lunges: Legs
15 Lft, 11 Rt (sore foot)

18) Wide Front Pull-Ups: Back
12 reps

19) Groucho Walk: Legs (This is FUN)
45 sec (4 front, 4 back, rpt)

20) Calf Raises: Legs (LOVE THIS...FEEL THE BURN!!)
3 way; 15 slow, 10 fast, 15 slow, 10 fast etc

21) Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: Back
14 reps

22) 80-20 Siebers Speed Squats: Legs (tapped a toe down for balance)
30 ea. side

23) Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Back
10 reps

cool down

I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. I ran out of time...had to go pick my 5 yr old up from school...I did a few minutes of Ab ripper X...before I left...I will start that over and do the workout tonight. I think doing the Ab ripper X right after the hour long workout is not a good idea for me anyway. I don't see the harm in breaking those two up...doing the Ab Ripper X when I'm not so wiped out.
Tomorrow is Kenpo...not sure what it is yet...I think it's like kick boxing or something...I guess I'll find out. This week has been great so far. I'm really looking forward to the Stretching DVD. Day 5 is done like dinner. :op

Thursday, October 1, 2009

P90X Yoga X and I....A Love-Hate Relationship

Yah, that's exactly what we have. An "I love this stuff" thing to wanting to throw my remote control at the TV. 94 minutes of death, torture, sweat. I finished it all...although I wanted to quit half SERIOUSLY QUIT! I thought about it...I kept looking at the time. And then I thought 'nope, I'm bringin it! I can do anything and I'm not a quitter.' It's that 'strong willed' side of me...(AkA stubborn) that will prove to myself that I have what it takes. So I finished it. I did most things too. I stress MOST. Have you seen the positions they can bend themselves to? Yeah, the PLOW for one. WOW. I even tried the things I was skeptical on. I found that my mind was creating a barrier. And not having a yoga mat...that's just plain dumb. I think it made it so much harder on me, slippin and slidin all over the place. At one point I DID have a position, I was struggling to hold it, and then Tony says something funny, and there went that. The positions that I couldn't do, I attempted, and then I modified so that I was still doing something, and that's what counts. But I still did MOST of the workout the right way. Now that's not saying that my form was perfect...*choke, cough, sputter* I have NEVER done Yoga in my life. This was foreign to me. And, combine that with the fact that I am not a very well balanced person (physically!!) let's just say, it was something. I'm so very thankful that my kids stayed upstairs while I did it. I'm so grateful that my two sickos (12 yr old. 3.5 yr old) actually listened to me and left me alone for 94 minutes. They laid on my bed and watched TV.
This P90X Yoga X is both fun and infuriating. There is absolutely zero chance of me being able to do the Crane...not until I lose a plathora of poundage. Like seriously. Not even remotely possible that I can balance my body on my knees ON MY ARMS! I was very happy when the first hour was over, and we moved into the "Balance Positions." It seemed like some type of practical joke...asking ME to do balance positions. And then Tony says "Now, don't fall out of these balance positions" as I fall out of the balance position. But, I gave it A for effort. I kept trying. I'm fairly certain that my husband would be splitting a gut laughing at me. He's teased me about my lack of balance since I met him....there wasn't much chance of me doing this Yoga DVD with any amount of finesse. However, having said that, I can foresee myself being able to perform these exercises with some type of ability the longer I do them, the more I practice, and the more weight I lose. I can see how these exercises are beneficial, and you know the saying, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'...that definitely applies here. SO, give me a week to get over my frustration at my awkwardness, and next week when I have a YOGA MAT, I'll be good to go, and I'll bring it again!

October 1/09 Pictures

I'm not sure what possessed me to use these photos...but I did, so now there's no going back! I guess one day, when I get to see them all together (gotta learn to splice them together first!) I will be more thrilled than I currently am!

251.5 lbs

Yeah, I won't be fond of these pictures until I have some better ones to put in. Although it does feel kinda good that the bum area, and legs have shrunk a bit. :o)

Oct. 1 Weigh-In

Competition starting weight: 259
Oct. 1 weigh-in: 251.5
= -7.5lbs
= 2.89 %