Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I went to my doctors appointment today. He's the Bone Specialist at the hospital. He told me that the Bone Spur isn't causing my pain, it's the tendons BY the bone spur that is. He said that there isn't much to do for this except a cortisone shot, and weightloss. He asked me what I do for a living, and I said that I am a stay at home mom, but I have been working out a lot to lose weight. After I told him my concerns about the cortisone shot making me gain weight, he said it's not true. The original one may have, but this one is a 3rd generation and it's designed to stay put and not go through the circulatory system. He said it will reduce the inflammation, so I opted for it since he's the specialist, and I'm out of options. While he was off, I asked a nurse if it hurt much. She says that they freeze the heel...so, ok, I thought. He comes in with his doctor in training, telling her my concerns and then the answers he gave me and them BAM! He sticks me! OMG!! You have NO idea how much that hurt! My eyes watered, and after I let a huge YEEEOOOOWWWW escape, I was literally speechless as I tried to catch my breath again. Yep, the freezing was IN the needle, so they had to stick me with it first. 30 seconds later, after I'm in agony, the freezing kicks in. He says it should do the trick, that I can go about my business, and stomp around on that. But I MAY need another one in a month. Yay, I cannot wait!
Now, after the fact, I'm relieved. I've been in pain for far too long, so I hope this works!


Steve 2.0 said...

Great to hear!! Now no excuses for PLYO!! LOL. I have never had that done, although I have had a bone spur in my heel.
You should feel like a million bucks for those cardio sessions.

I was able to find and download the P90X plus series. They have a Kenpo + workout. I watched it. It looks very good. It has a lot of combination moves. Well do what you can today maybe change out to cardio x or Kenpo today instead of Plyo. C-ya

Ellura said...

ouch - sounds painful. Hope it works!

Karilynn said...

Owwww!! I am such a baby. When it comes to needles. Seriously, I have my babies unmedicated just because I hate needles! ;o)
I am thrilled for you if this really works! how fantastic to endure 30 seconds of pain in order to have a pain free month of butt kicking p90x?!?! YAY for you!!

Spitfire said...

Thanks :o) Hoping it works too!