Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wk 4, Day 4, P90X, X Stretch

Well, I don't think I had it today. I DID it, but my brain wasn't there, wasn't relaxed. Not feeling so hot, and kid distractions, etc. It wasn't my most fun or enjoyable X Stretch ever. Did the work, my body was there at the game, but my head wasn't. So that kinda sux. I'm feeling my abs from Core Synergistics, just in time to do it again tomorrow! Yippee! Hopefully I'll have a better frame of mind tomorrow.

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Jeff Pickett said...

These are called bumps in the road - nothing more. When you're used to extreme workouts - and then down to stretching - it's like kissing your sister, know what I mean? Hard to keep your focus because it's pretty easy stuff.
Hey, you're not feeling well, nor are the kids and it happens. Glad to see you're stoked, like me, for the next attack.
Keep rockin' it!