Saturday, October 31, 2009

Month 2, Day 6, Kenpo X..Sa-weet Sa-weating!

It never fails...every time I do this workout, I feel just invigorated, powerful, exuberant...the list goes on. I have never done this workout and felt frustrated. Even tho I always bring it, this is THE ONE...the one that makes the whole week worth while. I LOVE this workout. And frankly, no other workout makes me sweat like this. Sure, I sweat plenty with P90X...but this is just insane! Not only can I do everything....I keep right up with them too. I'd love it if every day were Kenpo X day....but then again...having it this way ends the week off juuuust right. A weekend with Kenpo X, and then X Stretch....couldn't ask for more! :O)

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