Friday, October 16, 2009

100 days of Consecutive Daily Exercise!

Today is another milestone for me. It marks my 100th day of Consecutive Daily Exercise. When I started my streak, I thought to myself that it would be awesome to get to 100 days, not really believing I would. You know how life throws wrenches in there...right. Well, I was determined. I wouldn't let any day go by without doing SOMETHING, SOME type of PURPOSEFUL exercise! My husband would say to me "I'm so proud of you" as I was on the exercise bike at 11 pm, getting my time in, or doing Jane Fonda, old fall-back leg exercises in the hotel room for 20 minutes at 11:30. It was something that I just wouldn't let go. Karilynn asked me what my favorite part of the exercising was for me, or did I feel like it has changed me somehow? My answer is a resounding YES, it HAS changed me. I told her that mentally I'm stronger, more confident, proud because I set a goal and I am achieving it. Physically, I'm stronger too, and I have more energy, more endurance, and I just feel fabulous overall, not to mention the weight loss. Since I've UPPED my exercising and the effort put out with P90X, I'm at a different level. I'm energized daily, I even move differently. It's the whole package. I definitely recommend that people set a goal like this and then strive to achieve it. You evolve and it affects you in a profound way. It makes you more aware of your power, and teaches you to use it. This isn't the end of my 'streak'. My goal now is to see 200 days, and then 300 days and 365 days. Wouldn't THAT be something. To be able to say that I've exercised EVERY DAY for a FULL YEAR!!! WOW. So, now you know what I'm up to...what about you? Have any exercise goals YOU want to achieve?


Melissa said...

Wow that's REALLY awesome that you did 100 days in a row!!!!!! Good for you...keep going!!

rochelle said...

100 days! Fabulous! I'm really excited for your milestone. That rocks!