Monday, October 26, 2009

Losing 30 Lbs is like losing a 3 yr old. ;o)

This morning, I went to the healthfood store with my 3 yr old. She wasn't feeling well, so I ended up picking her up and carrying her. She felt heavy...not at first, but gradually, she seemed to get heavier and heavier. Then it dawned on me. Carrying her around...was equivalent to carrying my 31 pounds around again...the 31 pounds that I recently purposely removed. I thought to myself...I carried that weight around 24/7. No wonder I was tired all the time. I can't wait to be freed of a 5 yr old too! ;o)

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Jeff Pickett said...

Great analogy!
Another one I use for those losing 30 lbs. or more is akin to a Thanksgiving turkey (do you have that in Canada?). As you put that Turkey on the table, imagine that used to be part of you (that weight anyway) and it will floor you, humble you, maybe make you teary eyed that YOU were the one that lost that weight. It's a great feeling. Keep up the great work, Lisa!