Monday, October 19, 2009

Wk 4, Day 1, P90X Yoga X

Okay, well, I actually didn't mind that today. I think there may be hope for me and my relationship with Yoga X. ;o)
I felt stronger, was able to do most of the parts in the first section with little frustration....until the half moon thingy, and the twisting half moon thingy right before my favorite section, BALANCE! Of course I was being sarcastic right then....I wonder when my balance will improve and my TREE stance will look like a tree, and not a wilting flower...hehe.
Obviously, I'm still not any closer to PLOUGH, or Crane....but that WILL come as I lose more weight. This time I wasn't praying for death....or watching the seconds tick by...I did pretty well, I think.

So tomorrow is Core Synergistics.....*biting nails here*....I'm going to have to preview that one, just because.

Btw, I DO love that I'm sitting up straighter, and my back feels strong. Big thumbs up for that!


Sarah said...

I am so happy to have someone else doing p90x because it is not always easy to stay with it. I really like core synergistics but its ALOT of push ups. I have a hard time being on my hands (carpul tunnel sp?). I love it though and I love how it makes my abs feel. Way to stick with the Yoga although that one is NOT my fav. Good job on 4 weeks completed of p90x. You rock!!

Jeff Pickett said...

Your progress is inevitable! Keep pounding on Yoga but look forward to your Core Synergistics. That's my favorite workout.