Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Month 2, Day 2 P90X, Plyometrics! Kicked My Butt Today!

Well, that was interesting. I have NO idea why, but Plyometrics kicked my butt today! Seriously! Quite frequently between new exercises, I had to stop and get my heart rate back down from insanity to in my zone. It has NEVER done that to me before. I didn't stop exercising, I would do ballistic stretches, and marches to get it down. It was very annoying. And, I'm covered in so much sweat, it's rediculous. Normally I would sweat buckets...but this is like a barrel of sweat. LOL. Good thing I still have my humor. I stopped half way and made a recovery drink and sipped on that, which likely helped. I did everything though. Success even if it almost beat me!

On a side note, my 12 year old walked by me as I was working out and she says to me "Bring it Mom!" LOL. That's my girl! :o)


p90xer said...

Great job Lisa, I'm so sore I couldn't even do plyo yesterday lol. Just catching up with how things are going for you, 31 pounds? Thats freaking awesome! Very inspirational. Six in the morning here, getting ready for arms & back, lots of curls await you, Bring It Mom!

Spitfire said...

LOL. Oh, I do! :o) Although today I may not have it all in me...only 4 hours of sleep, had my 12 yr old in ER last night, she was in excruciating pain..achilles tendon thingy, but the pain was in her thigh. Strange. I'll bring what I got, then they may have to pick me up off the floor. LOL