Thursday, October 1, 2009

P90X Yoga X and I....A Love-Hate Relationship

Yah, that's exactly what we have. An "I love this stuff" thing to wanting to throw my remote control at the TV. 94 minutes of death, torture, sweat. I finished it all...although I wanted to quit half SERIOUSLY QUIT! I thought about it...I kept looking at the time. And then I thought 'nope, I'm bringin it! I can do anything and I'm not a quitter.' It's that 'strong willed' side of me...(AkA stubborn) that will prove to myself that I have what it takes. So I finished it. I did most things too. I stress MOST. Have you seen the positions they can bend themselves to? Yeah, the PLOW for one. WOW. I even tried the things I was skeptical on. I found that my mind was creating a barrier. And not having a yoga mat...that's just plain dumb. I think it made it so much harder on me, slippin and slidin all over the place. At one point I DID have a position, I was struggling to hold it, and then Tony says something funny, and there went that. The positions that I couldn't do, I attempted, and then I modified so that I was still doing something, and that's what counts. But I still did MOST of the workout the right way. Now that's not saying that my form was perfect...*choke, cough, sputter* I have NEVER done Yoga in my life. This was foreign to me. And, combine that with the fact that I am not a very well balanced person (physically!!) let's just say, it was something. I'm so very thankful that my kids stayed upstairs while I did it. I'm so grateful that my two sickos (12 yr old. 3.5 yr old) actually listened to me and left me alone for 94 minutes. They laid on my bed and watched TV.
This P90X Yoga X is both fun and infuriating. There is absolutely zero chance of me being able to do the Crane...not until I lose a plathora of poundage. Like seriously. Not even remotely possible that I can balance my body on my knees ON MY ARMS! I was very happy when the first hour was over, and we moved into the "Balance Positions." It seemed like some type of practical joke...asking ME to do balance positions. And then Tony says "Now, don't fall out of these balance positions" as I fall out of the balance position. But, I gave it A for effort. I kept trying. I'm fairly certain that my husband would be splitting a gut laughing at me. He's teased me about my lack of balance since I met him....there wasn't much chance of me doing this Yoga DVD with any amount of finesse. However, having said that, I can foresee myself being able to perform these exercises with some type of ability the longer I do them, the more I practice, and the more weight I lose. I can see how these exercises are beneficial, and you know the saying, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'...that definitely applies here. SO, give me a week to get over my frustration at my awkwardness, and next week when I have a YOGA MAT, I'll be good to go, and I'll bring it again!


Risa said...

I commend you you for your effort! At least you tried and completed it! That is awesome! My hubby said that I can buy the P90X if I want it, but going to have to wait a week or two until I have the $$$ for it!! I didn't realize we were so close in weight and would really like to be 'buddies' and support each other. I love reading about your p90x workout and really cannot wait until I can do it!! Until then, I'm working out at Curves, have a Pilates class once a week and then whatever workout video I can do at home. I really wish I had some other exercise equipment, but wouldn't have any room for it anyway!! lol!! Keep up the great workouts!!

rochelle said...

Yoga takes a LOT of practice. It's usually hard to get everything the first time. Keep with it. You'll see how much stronger your core, arms, and legs will get by following through. It seriously takes a lot of patience and determination. And DEFINITELY get a yoga mat. My feet would always slip and slide on my carpet until I got one. It makes things so much easier! Can't wait to hear how this goes for you. :)