Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 7 P90X X Stretch....Bring It! I'm looking forward to it. (109 & 88)

Today is day 7 of P90X. There is an option for resting or for doing X Stretch. I'm going to attempt the X Stretch. I think that after all that I've put my body through this week, it need a good stretch. I'm a bit afraid tho again, lol. I've heard that Kenpo was the easiest workout on the program, and it was still kick-ass, so what do they have in store for X Stretch? Well, I took a looksie in the Fitness Guide, well, they have some of the hardest things in there, like the blasted Side Hip Raise, or the Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-Up...what the hell? LOL. I'll do what I can, as always, and even if I can't do it, I'll modify so I can do most of it. I have a feeling I'll be able to do more than my mind makes me think I can. I rocked this P90X this week so far. I'm certain that that fact is a bit shocking to me as well as anyone who looks at me. I may be a large girl, but I'm a strong one. I'm so stoked for when I'm elite will I be then? I say Bring It, Baby!!


AHHHH! That felt great. Makes me want to sit up straighter.


Steve 2.0 said...

Great job this week. Congrats on doing the"X". X stretch is a great program. I would use it before my baseball games. It is not easy but I always felt better afterwards. I applaude your commitment to a tough routine. I am considering doing the "lean" version first, then doing the classic the following 90 days. I have not decided. maybe I'll jump into the classic with you. Then we can trade pain stories, LOL.

Are you useing the P90X nutrition plan? If not, what are you following?

Spitfire said...

Hi, and thanx. I'm LOVING the Classic version.

I'm not necessarily following the Nutrition plan, I've been doing my own thing..which incorporates the Gabriel Method...which is mostly real, live, fresh food. I am also refined-sugar-free/gluten free...and have been for 109 days now. I feel great eating like this, and have found a lot of good foods that are healthy and sugar-free. No artificial foods for me. I did buy a smoothie that helps create more lean muscles and promotes recovery...and it's all natural too. I'd love to be buddies, swap stories. Thanks for commenting.