Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lifes hiccups

So since my last post life decided to get in the way again. I ended up with killer mouth pain, and have been once again put on antibiotics. I have a molar that needs a root canal and I have been suffering with it for a week and a half now. That's like 3 months in dog years, haha. Seriously tho, have you had to suffer with killer mouth pain for any length of time? Not fun!

When I went to the dentist, he gave me a prescription for tylenol 3's and antibiotics. 'Great' I thought, 'that should help with the pain'...wrong! All it did was make my head woosy because Tylenol 3 has no anti-infammatory benefits, which is what I need. I still had to go to the dental surgeon, but I had to make it through a weekend first. Almost did. I had one full night without sleep because I was in agony. I went to the surgeon, and he did his testing on me, which is not fun. Ever had an icecube put directly on teeth and held there to see the response of recovery time? Yeah, I don't recommend it, especially a molar that needs a root canal. I almost went through the roof when he did that one. I was given the date of the surgery....the following week...I had to get through another week!!! That night was another lost night. I was jolted awake at 1:30 with agonizing mouth pain, and I stayed awake until 9am, at which time I was lucky to have an hour of sleep.
I had to wait until that afternoon to get my new pain meds because my pharmacy didn't have it in stock.

My friend got my prescription for me around 2pm. I had to wait until around 4 to take any. I took another one around 8, and I never got relief until 11pm. I actually went to sleep around 6:30pm, but I had to sleep sitting head felt like someone was stepping on it and impaling it at the same time. I woke up around 9, stayed up for an hour, went to bed, and actually slept the night through.
A new development occurred the next night. I had a snack after biology class, my mouth was soon as food entered my mouth, agony. Intense freaking agony that lasted for hours. And I didn't even chew on that side! Frig! And that stupid reaction has happend every single time I have eaten anything since.

So, how does this all affect my weightloss journey? Well, I had started P90X, but had to put it off until my mouth is fixed. I mean, exercising with tooth agony is NOT a fun thing. That stupid tooth has given me a headache, literally, since half a week before it started to flare up. I have had a headache continuously since. Not fun when I have to read and study for biology. It's put kind of a funk on my life....constant pain, sometimes complete and utter agony.
Also, the antibiotics are messing with my body. I have gained 5-7 pounds since reaching my 100 lb mark...not because I am eating crappy, but because my body is dealing with HUGE stress. I'm certain my cortisol levels must be through the roof. So I'm not terribly worried about it. I know that once this tooth is taken care of, I will get back into P90X seriously, and go gluten-free, sugar-free and I will remain that way until this round of P90X is through. The gluten-free, sugar-free thing I will keep up. I really do feel better eating that way. Life has gotten a bit messy and when that happens, like everyone else I have been reaching for the easiest, quickest fix...but that won't continue. I know from experience that if I am prepared, having the right foods on hand, and cooked -ready for reheating, it's the best and healthiest form of quick-fix foods.

I have 2 more days to wait....and come Tuesday, all my mouth pain should be over. Here's hoping!
And then back to normal. :o)