Monday, November 22, 2010

And So It Begins.....

I know, I know. I haven't been on since August. I couldn't get in to blog on my iTouch...grrr. And our computers were down. But here I am.
Things have changed since my last post. Lost of things on my plate...happily, some things are falling off now and I can breathe again.
A new beginning....Today I started my second round of P90X. Plus I did the Ab Ripper. And then I carried my inversion table upstairs to my bedroom, figured out how to use it again, and hung for a little bit. Then I had a hot bath with Dead Sea bath salts which are supposed to be higher in Magnesium content.
I am hoping that with the inversion table, hot bath with jets, massage therapy and muscle relaxants I can get thru this round of P90X.
I had pneumonia in October and I also had a car accident which threw my back into a frenzy. But I cannot afford to wait until I'm healed. Too much precious time will be wasted. I NEED to exercise. I NEED the endorphins. And my weight loss progress has that's a huge motivation for me to get this show on the road.

I got into college. My Personal Support Worker course starts in January. In the meantime I'm taking Chemistry...and it's proving to be challenging, yet rewarding. I love how my brain doesn't think about anything EXCEPT chemistry for 3 hours a nite x2/wk.

I WILL update from time to time, checking in with some of my P9oX workouts and experiences. But I won't be on every day.

Shouting out to my blogger friends that I haven't been on to say hello to in a while. *Hey all*
Pammy, Pitbull....miss reading about your journey.