Saturday, January 22, 2011


It is official. I have lost 100 pounds!

WOOHOO!!! FOREVER purposely removed pounds, never to be seen again!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Onederland!!! WOOHOO!!!

So, lots of things have changed/happened since my last post....seems to be a common theme with me these days. I guess that's good. At least life isn't stagnant.

Where to start???

Okay, well, I had a tummy tuck in December. Yep, I did! And I'm healing well. I will upload pictures once I get my laptop here.
And, I am also in Onederland. I am at 192! I have lost 98 pounds!!!! NINETY EIGHT POUNDS!

I cannot exercise vigourously yet...I probably could start walking, and I will this week. I am still tired.

Educationally....I withdrew from my PSW course. I decided the 'scope of practice' wasn't for me. Instead, I am going right to the nursing course for September. It just makes way more sense in so many ways for me.
My final chemistry mark wass 85%, which I'm pleased with. And in February, biology starts. Also I have one more surgery, hopefully at the beginning of Feb. That will give me plenty of time to heal, and then take care of some things before my course starts in September.

Trying to still do the gluten-free/refined sugar-free thing. I'm not 100% strict on that yet, but I will get there again because I feel better eating that way.
It's all in the mind. That's where the power comes from. If you believe you can do something, you will. If you doubt yourself, those doubts add up, and end up being counter-productive.

Anyway, thats where it is for me right now.