Monday, May 31, 2010

Time to Post.

Wow. Where did the time go? I haven't posted since that productive day I had 2 weeks ago. Whats up with that?! Well, lets catch up shall we...
So I got some moles frozen. The next day, they all blistered up. Talk about hurting in various places. That derailed any working out. But, I did become Master Nail Air Gun Woman! Yep, I was THE stapler for our hardwood floor we layed in the dining room, which isn't done yet...but will be soon. Also, we went and got 3 loads of rocks/boulders from along the highway for my rock garden. THAT was hard work! Rolling them, or carrying them up the bank, then throwing them into the truck/throwing them out of the truck. Trust me, THAT was a workout. And before all that, my sister and I emptied the dining room (hubby helped with the table and china cabinet...HEAVY stuff) and then we painted the room. 2 coats.
I feel every part of my body from the things I have accomplished last week. But I also ended up with a migraine on Wednesday, a bad headache Thursday, and then I drove my sister home, visited for the weekend and came back around 9:30 last night. I'm tired. But through all of this, I ate well, took my vitamins, supplements. The only thing is I was short on water. I always am when I have a long drive. Hate making pit stops. So all in all, I think I did pretty good. I DID kinda go dark for a bit, SORRY LADIES...too much on the go...and then with not feeling well I was a little anti-social.

Game plan for this week. Since I have caught up weight wise (lost what I gained back) my goal is to drink a few oceans of water. Today I have my consultation with my surgeon for my tummy tuck! Ahhhhh! And I've already told my daughter that I need her to babysit so I can go to the gym. I've decided to alter my P90X experience this time. Since the guy at the gym wants to see me there working out (especially since I asked for a job...) I'm going to take the strength days there at the gym. On cardio days, I'm toying with doing something there, as well as the regular P90X workout. Today it's supposed to be chest and we'll see. I'm not too comfortable trying to do pushups in public, so I might break the workout the pushups at home, do the weights there. Gonna go with the flow.

I AM wondering what to do about the 5K tho. I THINK I will just tape my foot up and do it...and hope beyond hope that it doesn't throw me off for too long. Stupid tendonitis!

OH, I'm ALSO looking forward to the JAYS game with Pammy and her hubby Fri. nite. (We've got to talk girl, arrange meeting up etc ) EXCITING!!!

Basically, I'm on a mission. And I'm not allowing anything stop me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Productive Day

Today, I went and got a membership at the gym I applied to work at. He doesn't have anything in the way of work, just yet. But he did tell me to ask him in a couple of months. Getting the membership there affords me a great opportunity. I can get to know the people who go there, as well as how all the machines work....and ya never know...he might need someone sooner than later.
I also went to the doctor today, and I got a couple things achieved there too. First, he gave me a requisition for physio on my ankle, I have tendonitus. Yay me. So he wants me to get a couple ultrasound physio visits before my 5K in June. If the physio happens after the 5K, then he told me to make sure I get my ankle taped up to do the run.
AND....he is referring me to a surgeon for a tummy tuck! WOOHOO! After I told him why I needed one, he says "you're preaching to the converted" LOL. I will have a scar there, but I'd rather have a scar that fades in time than what I have now. He says the belly/apron-thingy will not go away. It will get smaller, but won't disappear. That is due to my short waist, my big babies, and all the weight I have gained. So, yeah. I've lost 73 pounds, so far. I'm getting this done, and OHIP will cover it. YAY again! Then I'll be stoked and it will give me that boost I need to remove the rest of my weight. I cannot wait! Imagine....running without that pouchy bulgey skin...riding my bike without it...wearing jeans without it...looking at myself and finally feeling proud of all my hard work because it's gone!

P90X Chest & Back. I AM struggling to do this work out tonight. I was on the go all day, and I'm exhausted. We'll see. I'm still going to try to do it. But if I can't because I'm going to bed, I'm not going to freak out about it. There's always tomorrow.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kenpo X...Killed it! :o).....UPDATED

I was supposed to do Kenpo yesterday, didn't happen. So I decided to do it today, AND X Stretch too.
Did the Kenpo. Man, did I ever improve, and I was pretty good before, just sayin. ;oP
I did ALL the jumping jacks, and ALL the X jumps in ALL the breaks. I did everything, and I didn't end up on the floor, dead.
I feel strong. I AM strong. I WILL get my hot body...THIS YEAR! Ha, so boofknyah baby!

Just came back from a 1.8 km (1.12 m) jog. Not too far, but far enough for my foot tonight. I'm tired, but I WILL do X Stretch!

Stay tuned for the X Stretch update later tonight!! It WILL happen!

And it DID happen. X STRETCH, just what the doctor ordered. YAY ME! Yay my muscles. I cannot believe how much my body needed that stretching. Flexibility and looseness is essential...whew, feel better.

Chest and Back tomorrow...should be interesting with a tiny pull in my bicep. Until then :oD

3 Missed days...NOT giving up

Okay, so....Thursday turned into Friday which turned into Sat. And I missed my workouts for all three days, AND ate crappy! Totally off my wagon again. It started with a cafe mocha and a donut on Friday morning, and then went to hell in a handbag. Sure, I could have refused. I could have not allowed it to turn into a weekend of.....whatever. But that was then, this is now. I am not fkng around any more. I HAVE to do this! Today, I'm hoping I can do Kenpo in the morning, AND X stretch in the evening. One problem, my 6 yr old isn't feeling well today. But that's not going to stop me. I'm going to make a proclamation that at some point I need to do this, and hopefully the household will cooperate. LOL. Yep, Queen Lisa has spoken. Ahhh.

Pitz...I really hope you start to feel better soon. I'm pullin for ya baby. Stay strong!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Missed Day 4 Yoga X...but it's ok.

So, I totally missed yesterdays workout. Things just didn't jive for me. Physically I am SORE! The first week of P90X is killer..and my body is going "yeah, right! Yoga X my....insert expletives here<>" Emotionally, well it is what it is right now. Mentally, I fought with myself..but the emotional and physical tiredness won. Oh well. Moving on.

Today I WILL do Legs and Back.

And I'm excited. I went to one of our small town gyms to apply for a job. I don't even know if they're hiring, one of the guys there gave me the owners number. While I have no clue if a job is available, it felt right. The guy there was not fit. So, I could fit right in since I've lost 73 pounds from my highest, and I'm losing the rest. I'm hoping I could work there, and get a shoe in for when I take my personal training course in the fall. Maybe he'll take me under his wing.... oh a girl can dream. And if that doesn't work, if he's not hiring, there are a couple more options in this town. I think I'm ready tho to go with this now. If this town doesn't pan out, maybe I'll head out of town...maybe I can get a job in another town gym, and when the time comes have them mentor me. Time to stop thinking about some-day, and make things happen now!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AC/DC - Back In Black (Live At Donnington) High Quality!!!

This is the song that revs me up to do P90X...I'm baaack in black baby!

P90X (R2) Day 3, Shoulders & Arms

I did half of my work out today. Time slipped away, and then I had kids distracting me. But I worked my butt off for the 36 minutes that I did do.

Took my supplements, and probiotic this morning. Working on the water.

Had a me day, took some mental time to think up plans...muah ha ha. Now to just implement everything.

Tomorrow...YOGA X..oh my!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

P90X is going to give me my nice ass back :o)

P90X (R2) Day 2 Plyometrics: LOVE it! I'm so much stronger, even tho I was exhausted. I did skip Hot Foot, because lets face it, my foot is already burning...haha. Seriously, that one would NOT be good for my injured foot. But I did do squatting jacks! WhooEeee! I was so impressed. My legs are strong and I am so confident that I will get that hot ass back I had way back when. There is NO reason why not. And I'm determined that I will have hot buns, buns of steel and a POW butt that younger girls will envy. And why not! Between my hard work, P90X, Jon Gabriel, and my gluten-free/refined-sugar-free there's no way I won't achieve all I set out to. So take that! Yep, I'ma gonna have some junk in my trunk, and it won't include the junk yard. ahhhahhha. Gotta love endorphins!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Promise IS A Promise...

...especially when u make it to yourself. I promised myself that I would do P90X today. And I made myself keep it. I didn't start until 10:10pm, which is NOT the best idea on the planet, but I did it...well what I COULD do tonight. I completed 1.5 of the 2 rounds tonight. But in my defense, inspite of the time, and the fact that I was already exhausted and a bit bummed out, I kicked my own ass. Instead of sticking strictly to the exercise bands for the pull-ups, I did actual pull-ups, plus the bands. It's a LOT harder than one would think. I loved it. My muscles were screaming. Trouble is, it wears you out faster than just the bands. By time I hit the 1.5 mark (40 mins approx) I was weak, nauseaus and just wiped out. I brought my A game and I'm proud of it. Totally going to soak in the jacuzzi bath right now. I need it.

Eating...gluten free- check...sugar-free-not so much. I made ribs and home made BBQ sauce which included sugar. Water-not enough. Supplements-some. Vitamins- nope. Digestive enzymes-nope.

One thing I joints hurt. I'm pretty sure it's because of the sugar. When I'm sugar-free, I'm not in pain. The last time I did P90X, I was sugar-free and gluten-free for almost 4 months before I started. I'm noticing the difference. All the more reason to smarten up and get off that poison. Tomorrow, zero refined-sugar!

Goals for tomorrow: EVERYTHING I DIDN'T DO TODAY!

I mean business here. I'm on a mission, and I WILL NOT fail myself. This means TOO much to me...and I CANNOT wait to succeed...which I totally will! :o)

Bring on tomorrow! Ha. I'm ready for u!

Ok, here we go.

So after a weekend totally OFF the wagon...yep, even tho I had good intentions, I totally went off the wagon...but it's ok. I'm not regretting it, I'm not crying over it, I'm not getting all boohoohoo over it...I made the choice and now I'm making another choice to move on and get back into the groove. Today is P90X day, I had this plan all along, ! Whooshaw baby! Yep. I also have a lot of house work to do, but one thing I do know is that today starts my round 2. Not an "attempt" at round 2...I'm going to DO it. And I WILL do it every day/night unless I'm out of town, but then if I'm out of town, I'll go for a jog or a walk.

Today is also gluten-free/refined-sugar-free day. I know it's going to be a bit of a struggle today. That happens when I've been eating sugar. But you know what?? My body is ready. My body aches and I'm not moving as fluidly, as effortlessly as I was on this eating regimen. So, it's back at it today, because I have goals and I know they will be difficult for MY body to achieve if I'm eating gluten and sugar.

Plan of attack: DRINK TONS OF WATER! Supplements! When I'm hungry, eat what I want with the exception of anything with GLUTEN and Refined SUGAR!

WORRIES:I have a few worries about this upcoming 5K in June. My foot is still injured. I don't know what it is, but I do suspect a crack somewhere. I don't know. When I jog, I'm in agony for a couple of days which subsides to just pain and aching, but it's still there. I haven't jogged since...Wednesday, which I should have waited and done on Thursday. Wednesday night I was in so much foot pain, the freaking thing was on fire and I couldn't lay it on the bed in any position without incredible pain. SO, this is going to be tricky. What am I supposed to do, NOT jog, NOT get some training in and get ready for the 5K and then be disappointed if I cannot do it? Or Train, jog 2-3 times a week in preparation, and not let it heal, but get some training and some conditioning in? Sort of a catch 22 for me. I guess I'll have to play it by ear. That bugs me.

Okay, this is a great day...going to be a DOER, not a non-doer. I watched a movie the other night, and the first monologue really hit home for me. He said "there are two types of people in this world. Those who do, and those who do not. Those who do are the ones who get things done and change the world, those who do not, don't"...something like that. Anyway, for a long time I was a dreamer, a 'doer-in my mind.' I had potential, but I never lived up to it. I know a large part of it was the sugar & gluten cloud in my brain, the body that felt too fat and sick to do anything. I hated not living up to my potential. I used to call myself an 'under-achieving over-achiever'. A total oxy-moron...but that's what I was. WAS. I've been on a journey to change that. To change from a wisher-doer, a hoper-doer, a dreamer-doer and started actually DOING. That's what has been circling around in this brain of mine for a while now, and when I heard that line from the movie, it was a total "aha" moment. And yes, that's what I'm going to do, that's what I'm doing. I'm DOING from now on. No more waiting for others to do things for me! No more waiting for this weight to miraculously fall of me! No more NOT DOING! This is the era of Lisa, The Doer. Ha. Look out everything that needs to get done around here, and my body. Lisa's comin for ya! HA!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another gluten-free/refined sugar-free day.

This afternoon was sort of stressful. I unbandaged Emilys knee, and was preparing her for a shower, when I hear "mom, I'm feeling kinda dizzy." I get there just in time to grab her as she grabbed for me, and she goes down like a sac of potatoes. The "I feel dizzy" turned into a full out fainting spell, complete with eyes rolling up and everything. It only lasted like 30 seconds but it was enough to scare the crap outta me. When she 'came to' she goes "mom I can't hear"....great. I put a pillow under her head and calm her down...her hearing was only out for a few seconds too, but her head was killing her, and her hand was shaking, shock likely. Next it was "I'm going to be sick!" Nausea, she was white as a ghost. Okay, panick was setting in.
I call my husband and he arranges to meet me in town at the hospital. After she was feeling better, I get my youngest ready and help Emily into the van. We spend 3.5 hours in emerg. Happily, they let her go lay down after triage, because of her knee surgery that she had on Monday, and likely because she could faint again, it was anyones guess. We wait...she recovers. They do an Electrocardiogram (ECG) just to make sure, but the Doctors diagnosis was fainting because of leg pain, getting up from a laying position the blood pools, not enough food, and likely left over codeine in her system from the night before. Her ECG was good. I'm happy he did that test. Now I can rest easily tonight...but it was pretty scary there for a while.

So now food.....well, I had an angus burger...and I was soooo tempted to just eat the bun. But I didn't. That makes day number 2 successful as well...and it was a higher stress day to boot.

I do have a girl evening planned with a close friend of mine, and I already know it's going to entail a blizzard from DQ...she already warned me. So I'm going to go with the flow, and instead of counting it as a failure day, or a streak being broken, I'm going to allow for it, and then get back on the wagon immediately after...not the next day, immediately! And you know...that's one thing most of us do wrong...we think we have to wait until the sun sets and rises in order to start fresh. Well, who made that rule? Why can't we have an 'exception' and then get right back up and start with the water, and keep on the right path, right then and there. If we all did that, there would be a lot less binges, a lot less 'to hell with it' moments. So that's my plan.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ha! What are the chances that I'm blogging twice in ONE DAY! WOW.

Some status updates. Day 1 of gluten-free/sugar-free is a success!

I also went for a jog...but I walked more on the way legs hurt. It works better if I leave 2 days in between jogs...and I also went farther tonight, up more steep, rocky hills. I followed the trail...likely wasn't that smart at dusk, what with bears and other wild life around here...I survived. And I didn't even get eaten alive by black flies. After the rainy day we had here, it cooled off some. I still sweated my booty off...but no picking wings out of my teeth. Haha. Ahhh...gotta love those endorphins eh. Love'em!

Living in the Moment.

So yeah,....I've let life stop my progress, and that's the last thing I wanted to do. I'm not doing that any more. I have goals and I cannot let anything..ANYTHING impede my progress. SO when stress crops up, and I know it will, I'm going to do the opposite of what my initial reaction would be...which is hide, cower in a corner, turn to junky food, withdraw from interaction with friends. I'm going to go after these goals with all the umph I can muster. Funny how in anyones blog you'll find these up beat posts followed by the "I'm in a slump" posts followed by the recovery post. That's the human spirit. You just can't break the human spirit in someone who is a strong passionate person.
I do have a renewed zest and zeal and passion. I don't think I will 'experiment' with going off my gluten-free/sugar-free thing for a looong time. I may have a little sumthin sumthin here and there, but to forgo it all together, that's when I run into trouble.
I'm at a weird place in life. I'm going to be 40 this year. I'm yearning for more. It's time I actively go after the things I want, so that I can be my best, feel my best and look my best that I can in this life, right now. No more looking backwards. Time to live in the now. Yes my future will be amazing, but only if I keep working towards it in the now.
I think most people become complacent. Most people get themselves feeling great, they do what works for them, and for some reason, they temporarily forget why and how they got to that wonderful place, where there is a balance between health and fitness and life. We cannot forget the thing that allows us to be our best, to feel our best, to achieve our best, just because we have a measure of comfort. It's that one thing that will ensure we continue to feel our best, be our best, achieve our best.
So, for me, there is only now. What can I do "NOW", in THIS moment, to ensure I'm on the right path towards fulfilling my goals? It's not only one day at a time, it's one moment at a time. And really, shouldn't we be doing that anyway? Living in the moment! If we're not, we're missing out on so many wonderful moments that we're letting slip by us. Yes, our eyes can be on the future, but we cannot be fixated on future things. Breathe in now. Breathe in this moment. Live life to the fullest now. It's the only way to ensure we actually have a future to look forward to.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stressed? Then WORK OUT! Not rocket science ;o)

Getting ready to jog

So I've had a stressful...well, it's been stressful for a while. Emily, my 12 year old had her knee surgery yesterday. I was a bundle of nerves. My stomach didn't settle down for a while....After we got her all settled, I went for a run. And it felt great. I mean, thankyou endorphins! I have decided that the next time I'm having one of those days, where I can't get out of my head, or life is throwing me a whole whack of curve balls, I'm going to go and run. Sure, I'm not the best runner with the best form, and I think I may even be doing the breathing wrong...but I'm out there and I'm doing it. I can go farther and longer before I need my walking/recovery moments....and I LOVE the challenge of running up the hills...kind of a weirdo when it comes to that. And I even braved the black flies. And if you knew me and black'd understand why that is a big thing for me. Bottom line, stress needs to be relieved and sometimes you just have to get the endorphins flowing.

Eating::::: well, the eating has been....well it could be better. For some reason I'm having a hard time hitting it. Today, I finished the left over pizza. Well, can't have it going to waste, right? WRONG! Who needs it on their hips? I certainly don't. And my body hurts. I know my body will perform much better if I get the eating back on the gluten-free/sugar-free band wagon. Seriously. I feel so much better. So, tomorrow for sure. If I start out first thing doing the right thing, it's easier for me to continue.
Tomorrow will start my gluten-free/sugar-free streak.
Today, I didn't get much sleep, so I'm going to forgo the exercising...and I WILL do something tomorrow. But come Monday, I WILL do P90X! I need it. I need to stop wasting time. Life is moving on and I can move along with it, or get left behind. I chose to participate and enjoy life...and the only way I can do that is if I'm healthy and fit and that will contribute to my over all sense of joy and happiness.