Monday, May 31, 2010

Time to Post.

Wow. Where did the time go? I haven't posted since that productive day I had 2 weeks ago. Whats up with that?! Well, lets catch up shall we...
So I got some moles frozen. The next day, they all blistered up. Talk about hurting in various places. That derailed any working out. But, I did become Master Nail Air Gun Woman! Yep, I was THE stapler for our hardwood floor we layed in the dining room, which isn't done yet...but will be soon. Also, we went and got 3 loads of rocks/boulders from along the highway for my rock garden. THAT was hard work! Rolling them, or carrying them up the bank, then throwing them into the truck/throwing them out of the truck. Trust me, THAT was a workout. And before all that, my sister and I emptied the dining room (hubby helped with the table and china cabinet...HEAVY stuff) and then we painted the room. 2 coats.
I feel every part of my body from the things I have accomplished last week. But I also ended up with a migraine on Wednesday, a bad headache Thursday, and then I drove my sister home, visited for the weekend and came back around 9:30 last night. I'm tired. But through all of this, I ate well, took my vitamins, supplements. The only thing is I was short on water. I always am when I have a long drive. Hate making pit stops. So all in all, I think I did pretty good. I DID kinda go dark for a bit, SORRY LADIES...too much on the go...and then with not feeling well I was a little anti-social.

Game plan for this week. Since I have caught up weight wise (lost what I gained back) my goal is to drink a few oceans of water. Today I have my consultation with my surgeon for my tummy tuck! Ahhhhh! And I've already told my daughter that I need her to babysit so I can go to the gym. I've decided to alter my P90X experience this time. Since the guy at the gym wants to see me there working out (especially since I asked for a job...) I'm going to take the strength days there at the gym. On cardio days, I'm toying with doing something there, as well as the regular P90X workout. Today it's supposed to be chest and we'll see. I'm not too comfortable trying to do pushups in public, so I might break the workout the pushups at home, do the weights there. Gonna go with the flow.

I AM wondering what to do about the 5K tho. I THINK I will just tape my foot up and do it...and hope beyond hope that it doesn't throw me off for too long. Stupid tendonitis!

OH, I'm ALSO looking forward to the JAYS game with Pammy and her hubby Fri. nite. (We've got to talk girl, arrange meeting up etc ) EXCITING!!!

Basically, I'm on a mission. And I'm not allowing anything stop me.


Pam90X said...'re back writing :)

Wow you have been a super busy girl! Glad it's going so well with eating, and weight!!!! And I think the gym is the perfect thing for you. Put your time in there and then pick up P90X down the road a bit later so you don't over tax your body.

As for the 5K...I'd hate for it to derail you and me for that matter. I'm recouping from throwing my back out on Friday :( passing on baseball tonight as the twisting would be bad for it. But I was thinking about the 5K and I'm really not into this one like the I was for the Frosty. I haven't trained even a little for this one. and with your foot and my shin and back I'm thinking we should read the signs and just enjoy the trip to Toronto :) If you're okay with that of course. I'm not chickening out and if you REALLY want to do it then I will but I was just thinking that we are just getting back into things and we all went off course after the last one and I'd hate for it to do the same thing this time. What do you think?

Pitbull said...

Busy lady! Sure am sorry I'm gonna miss you girls! I wish I were coming with you guys! DAMN!!! But being in the wedding party is "serious business"! LOl!! So glad you're back sweety! I've missed you. Even when I don't blog I still go online and read what you two blog about! Glad we're all back in it! Eugene has started walking mornings with me. We're gettig up together at 6 to go for an hour power walk! Today was the first day, and it was we'll see how it goes! Really gotta focus more on the healthy eating! I"ve been WAY off track in that department...but I'm drinking my water and taking my supplements, and doing my "juicer" every morning! Slow and steady baby!