Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ha! What are the chances that I'm blogging twice in ONE DAY! WOW.

Some status updates. Day 1 of gluten-free/sugar-free is a success!

I also went for a jog...but I walked more on the way legs hurt. It works better if I leave 2 days in between jogs...and I also went farther tonight, up more steep, rocky hills. I followed the trail...likely wasn't that smart at dusk, what with bears and other wild life around here...I survived. And I didn't even get eaten alive by black flies. After the rainy day we had here, it cooled off some. I still sweated my booty off...but no picking wings out of my teeth. Haha. Ahhh...gotta love those endorphins eh. Love'em!

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Pam90X said...

YAY!!! that's what I'm talkin' about!!! I love when you post after you work out!!! those are always the best ones...they are funny and witty and just positively inspiring!!! You ROCK!!!!!!

Love you :)