Wednesday, May 12, 2010

P90X (R2) Day 3, Shoulders & Arms

I did half of my work out today. Time slipped away, and then I had kids distracting me. But I worked my butt off for the 36 minutes that I did do.

Took my supplements, and probiotic this morning. Working on the water.

Had a me day, took some mental time to think up plans...muah ha ha. Now to just implement everything.

Tomorrow...YOGA X..oh my!

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Pam90X said...

make those lists baby!!!! And toss some toys it'll feel good trust me...once you start you'll realize how meaningless that stuff really is! You make your kids happy not toys...and if a ton of toys are causing you grief...get rid of em. I make Becca go through her toys once a year and we give them to Goodwill or Sally Ann...but you know I toss things all year like those McDonald's toys and stuff like that. We even had toys still in their wrappers...I put them in a box marked girls' presents so the next time we have a bday party to go to we have some toys and I don't have to go spend more money. If it's not opened after 6 months of having it they won't notice. Although I suggest wrapping the present with your child who's giving it watching if she says hey I have that toy it's at home with you and not at the party can explain that this is a different one and you don't know where their's went LOL. I told you I'm sneaky!!!

I realize I didn't say anything that relates to your blog here goes...36 minutes is awesome!!! better than nothing at all right!? I did 30 minutes of free step on the Wii again. felt good too.

I loved talking to you today...hope we do it again soon :)