Tuesday, May 11, 2010

P90X is going to give me my nice ass back :o)

P90X (R2) Day 2 Plyometrics: LOVE it! I'm so much stronger, even tho I was exhausted. I did skip Hot Foot, because lets face it, my foot is already burning...haha. Seriously, that one would NOT be good for my injured foot. But I did do squatting jacks! WhooEeee! I was so impressed. My legs are strong and I am so confident that I will get that hot ass back I had way back when. There is NO reason why not. And I'm determined that I will have hot buns, buns of steel and a POW butt that younger girls will envy. And why not! Between my hard work, P90X, Jon Gabriel, and my gluten-free/refined-sugar-free there's no way I won't achieve all I set out to. So take that! Yep, I'ma gonna have some junk in my trunk, and it won't include the junk yard. ahhhahhha. Gotta love endorphins!


Pitbull said...

Hot damn I love you! And your sexy ass too!!! I know you'll get there baby! You're a winner in my books!!! Go girl go!!!

Spitfire said...

haha. Love u too baby.

Pam90X said...

SO proud of you and you got your work out in early so you can go to bed at a good time tonight too :)

All of us are on track and it's awesome!!!!