Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stressed? Then WORK OUT! Not rocket science ;o)

Getting ready to jog

So I've had a stressful...well, it's been stressful for a while. Emily, my 12 year old had her knee surgery yesterday. I was a bundle of nerves. My stomach didn't settle down for a while....After we got her all settled, I went for a run. And it felt great. I mean, thankyou endorphins! I have decided that the next time I'm having one of those days, where I can't get out of my head, or life is throwing me a whole whack of curve balls, I'm going to go and run. Sure, I'm not the best runner with the best form, and I think I may even be doing the breathing wrong...but I'm out there and I'm doing it. I can go farther and longer before I need my walking/recovery moments....and I LOVE the challenge of running up the hills...kind of a weirdo when it comes to that. And I even braved the black flies. And if you knew me and black flies....you'd understand why that is a big thing for me. Bottom line, stress needs to be relieved and sometimes you just have to get the endorphins flowing.

Eating::::: well, the eating has been....well it could be better. For some reason I'm having a hard time hitting it. Today, I finished the left over pizza. Well, can't have it going to waste, right? WRONG! Who needs it on their hips? I certainly don't. And my body hurts. I know my body will perform much better if I get the eating back on the gluten-free/sugar-free band wagon. Seriously. I feel so much better. So, tomorrow for sure. If I start out first thing doing the right thing, it's easier for me to continue.
Tomorrow will start my gluten-free/sugar-free streak.
Today, I didn't get much sleep, so I'm going to forgo the exercising...and I WILL do something tomorrow. But come Monday, I WILL do P90X! I need it. I need to stop wasting time. Life is moving on and I can move along with it, or get left behind. I chose to participate and enjoy life...and the only way I can do that is if I'm healthy and fit and that will contribute to my over all sense of joy and happiness.


Pam90X said...

YAY You blogged :)

I need to take a page from your book and exercise when stressed rather than eat crap..I like that and it works.

How is Emily recovering? Did all go well with it?

Monday P90X for you...tonight for me!!! I want Stretch to be on Monday mornings as I have baseball Monday nights...figure it'll be a good mix.

Start your streak!!!! I can't wait for your streak to begin...just start with one day and write it here in your blog AFTER you work out like you used to. When you started blogging before the workout...you stopped working out. Like you wrote it and that was good enough...so that's it...exercise...blog with your recovery drink!!!

Keep it going sista...you are going to rock this year. 7 months left in the year (I hate thinking that way but it'll help us stay focused on our weight...that's 10 lbs a month for you baby)!!! You can do eeeeeeeeeeet!

Pitbull said...

Never thought of it that way!! Yupppers...7 months left...you can sooooo reach your goal this year if you start TOMORROW! I'm getting started too! I wanna be at least 150 when I meet Karilyn! Hoping for 140...but 150 will do! I'll be in Utah August 1-4th...so I'd better get crackin! I'm back up to 180lbs...so time to get serious! 3 Amigos baby....3 Amigos!! BTW...hats off to you for running with bugs! Been there, done that...HATED IT!! xo