Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Living in the Moment.

So yeah,....I've let life stop my progress, and that's the last thing I wanted to do. I'm not doing that any more. I have goals and I cannot let anything..ANYTHING impede my progress. SO when stress crops up, and I know it will, I'm going to do the opposite of what my initial reaction would be...which is hide, cower in a corner, turn to junky food, withdraw from interaction with friends. I'm going to go after these goals with all the umph I can muster. Funny how in anyones blog you'll find these up beat posts followed by the "I'm in a slump" posts followed by the recovery post. That's the human spirit. You just can't break the human spirit in someone who is a strong passionate person.
I do have a renewed zest and zeal and passion. I don't think I will 'experiment' with going off my gluten-free/sugar-free thing for a looong time. I may have a little sumthin sumthin here and there, but to forgo it all together, that's when I run into trouble.
I'm at a weird place in life. I'm going to be 40 this year. I'm yearning for more. It's time I actively go after the things I want, so that I can be my best, feel my best and look my best that I can in this life, right now. No more looking backwards. Time to live in the now. Yes my future will be amazing, but only if I keep working towards it in the now.
I think most people become complacent. Most people get themselves feeling great, they do what works for them, and for some reason, they temporarily forget why and how they got to that wonderful place, where there is a balance between health and fitness and life. We cannot forget the thing that allows us to be our best, to feel our best, to achieve our best, just because we have a measure of comfort. It's that one thing that will ensure we continue to feel our best, be our best, achieve our best.
So, for me, there is only now. What can I do "NOW", in THIS moment, to ensure I'm on the right path towards fulfilling my goals? It's not only one day at a time, it's one moment at a time. And really, shouldn't we be doing that anyway? Living in the moment! If we're not, we're missing out on so many wonderful moments that we're letting slip by us. Yes, our eyes can be on the future, but we cannot be fixated on future things. Breathe in now. Breathe in this moment. Live life to the fullest now. It's the only way to ensure we actually have a future to look forward to.


Pitbull said...

LOVE YOUR POST!!!! Thanks baby! I'm gonna start living in the moment! You are so really oughta write a book!!! I'd buy it! xo

Pam90X said...

Me too!!! In fact when I first started reading your journal entries when I joined WLW I thought you were an author. I read your entries and thought she's up north living in a gorgeous home somewhere looking out over a lake I even pictured a log home with a fireplace roaring...that kind of thing. I envisioned you as a published author that just didn't want to tell anyone your pen name :)

Spitfire said...

haha...thanks girls. And trust me, I'd love to be THAT girl, living the life whilst I publish works under a pseudonym. Ya never know, maybe one day ;o)