Friday, May 14, 2010

Missed Day 4 Yoga X...but it's ok.

So, I totally missed yesterdays workout. Things just didn't jive for me. Physically I am SORE! The first week of P90X is killer..and my body is going "yeah, right! Yoga X my....insert expletives here<>" Emotionally, well it is what it is right now. Mentally, I fought with myself..but the emotional and physical tiredness won. Oh well. Moving on.

Today I WILL do Legs and Back.

And I'm excited. I went to one of our small town gyms to apply for a job. I don't even know if they're hiring, one of the guys there gave me the owners number. While I have no clue if a job is available, it felt right. The guy there was not fit. So, I could fit right in since I've lost 73 pounds from my highest, and I'm losing the rest. I'm hoping I could work there, and get a shoe in for when I take my personal training course in the fall. Maybe he'll take me under his wing.... oh a girl can dream. And if that doesn't work, if he's not hiring, there are a couple more options in this town. I think I'm ready tho to go with this now. If this town doesn't pan out, maybe I'll head out of town...maybe I can get a job in another town gym, and when the time comes have them mentor me. Time to stop thinking about some-day, and make things happen now!


Pam90X said...

atta girl there is no someday on the calendar just like Jacqui's quotes said!!! Good for you that took courage!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Let us know what he says!

Spitfire said...

I will. And I've decided that if there isn't one available there, I'm going to keep going, keep looking in that area, until I find one that IS hiring! Ha!~ Talk about taking the bulls by the horns, eh. Cross your fingers for me. hehe.

Moi said...

That is the spirit. Somedays workouts don't actually work - no big deal, make it up.

Awesome about the job. I wish you all the luck. You would be great.

Pitbull said... WILL get a job in a gym...because you can visualize it...AND you BELIEVE it! It WILL happen for you! And that's so damn exciting! xo