Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kenpo X...Killed it! :o).....UPDATED

I was supposed to do Kenpo yesterday, didn't happen. So I decided to do it today, AND X Stretch too.
Did the Kenpo. Man, did I ever improve, and I was pretty good before, just sayin. ;oP
I did ALL the jumping jacks, and ALL the X jumps in ALL the breaks. I did everything, and I didn't end up on the floor, dead.
I feel strong. I AM strong. I WILL get my hot body...THIS YEAR! Ha, so boofknyah baby!

Just came back from a 1.8 km (1.12 m) jog. Not too far, but far enough for my foot tonight. I'm tired, but I WILL do X Stretch!

Stay tuned for the X Stretch update later tonight!! It WILL happen!

And it DID happen. X STRETCH, just what the doctor ordered. YAY ME! Yay my muscles. I cannot believe how much my body needed that stretching. Flexibility and looseness is essential...whew, feel better.

Chest and Back tomorrow...should be interesting with a tiny pull in my bicep. Until then :oD


Pam90X said...

watchin for the update :)

You are rockin it today my friend. So proud of you! I love when you have a good workout day.

Pam90X said...

YAY you did all you set out to accomplish and more with that job added in there!!!! What a great start to the week.