Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok, here we go.

So after a weekend totally OFF the wagon...yep, even tho I had good intentions, I totally went off the wagon...but it's ok. I'm not regretting it, I'm not crying over it, I'm not getting all boohoohoo over it...I made the choice and now I'm making another choice to move on and get back into the groove. Today is P90X day, I had this plan all along, ! Whooshaw baby! Yep. I also have a lot of house work to do, but one thing I do know is that today starts my round 2. Not an "attempt" at round 2...I'm going to DO it. And I WILL do it every day/night unless I'm out of town, but then if I'm out of town, I'll go for a jog or a walk.

Today is also gluten-free/refined-sugar-free day. I know it's going to be a bit of a struggle today. That happens when I've been eating sugar. But you know what?? My body is ready. My body aches and I'm not moving as fluidly, as effortlessly as I was on this eating regimen. So, it's back at it today, because I have goals and I know they will be difficult for MY body to achieve if I'm eating gluten and sugar.

Plan of attack: DRINK TONS OF WATER! Supplements! When I'm hungry, eat what I want with the exception of anything with GLUTEN and Refined SUGAR!

WORRIES:I have a few worries about this upcoming 5K in June. My foot is still injured. I don't know what it is, but I do suspect a crack somewhere. I don't know. When I jog, I'm in agony for a couple of days which subsides to just pain and aching, but it's still there. I haven't jogged since...Wednesday, which I should have waited and done on Thursday. Wednesday night I was in so much foot pain, the freaking thing was on fire and I couldn't lay it on the bed in any position without incredible pain. SO, this is going to be tricky. What am I supposed to do, NOT jog, NOT get some training in and get ready for the 5K and then be disappointed if I cannot do it? Or Train, jog 2-3 times a week in preparation, and not let it heal, but get some training and some conditioning in? Sort of a catch 22 for me. I guess I'll have to play it by ear. That bugs me.

Okay, this is a great day...going to be a DOER, not a non-doer. I watched a movie the other night, and the first monologue really hit home for me. He said "there are two types of people in this world. Those who do, and those who do not. Those who do are the ones who get things done and change the world, those who do not, don't"...something like that. Anyway, for a long time I was a dreamer, a 'doer-in my mind.' I had potential, but I never lived up to it. I know a large part of it was the sugar & gluten cloud in my brain, the body that felt too fat and sick to do anything. I hated not living up to my potential. I used to call myself an 'under-achieving over-achiever'. A total oxy-moron...but that's what I was. WAS. I've been on a journey to change that. To change from a wisher-doer, a hoper-doer, a dreamer-doer and started actually DOING. That's what has been circling around in this brain of mine for a while now, and when I heard that line from the movie, it was a total "aha" moment. And yes, that's what I'm going to do, that's what I'm doing. I'm DOING from now on. No more waiting for others to do things for me! No more waiting for this weight to miraculously fall of me! No more NOT DOING! This is the era of Lisa, The Doer. Ha. Look out everything that needs to get done around here, and my body. Lisa's comin for ya! HA!


Pitbull said...

Oh my darling...I am SOOOOO with you!

Pam90X said...

OKay I'm SOOOOO Not ready for the 5K either LOL. So here's the what you can and if it's too much we don't do it...I know a doer not doing it...but I'd rather you do what you are doing and not do something that will hurt you and therefore make it so you can't do this. The other plan is we take it time to beat we walk the whole thing if we have to. Entirely up to you :) Either way we can have an awesome weekend in Toronto and watch the Jays and Yankees the night before.

As for the rest of the blog!!! You go girl! I'm right there with ya!

Spitfire said...

Yep, my thoughts exactly. Not giving up, still going to TRY. If I can't jog I will hurts to do that too if it's been worked. So, lets play it by ear. It's been over 2 months now with this stupid foot! Grrr. Plyometrics messed it up. So, now I have to figure out what to do during THAT. I guess I take it one step at a time, literaly, and skip what hurts.

Lets do this thang girlies! We rock you know! :o)