Monday, May 17, 2010

Productive Day

Today, I went and got a membership at the gym I applied to work at. He doesn't have anything in the way of work, just yet. But he did tell me to ask him in a couple of months. Getting the membership there affords me a great opportunity. I can get to know the people who go there, as well as how all the machines work....and ya never know...he might need someone sooner than later.
I also went to the doctor today, and I got a couple things achieved there too. First, he gave me a requisition for physio on my ankle, I have tendonitus. Yay me. So he wants me to get a couple ultrasound physio visits before my 5K in June. If the physio happens after the 5K, then he told me to make sure I get my ankle taped up to do the run.
AND....he is referring me to a surgeon for a tummy tuck! WOOHOO! After I told him why I needed one, he says "you're preaching to the converted" LOL. I will have a scar there, but I'd rather have a scar that fades in time than what I have now. He says the belly/apron-thingy will not go away. It will get smaller, but won't disappear. That is due to my short waist, my big babies, and all the weight I have gained. So, yeah. I've lost 73 pounds, so far. I'm getting this done, and OHIP will cover it. YAY again! Then I'll be stoked and it will give me that boost I need to remove the rest of my weight. I cannot wait! Imagine....running without that pouchy bulgey skin...riding my bike without it...wearing jeans without it...looking at myself and finally feeling proud of all my hard work because it's gone!

P90X Chest & Back. I AM struggling to do this work out tonight. I was on the go all day, and I'm exhausted. We'll see. I'm still going to try to do it. But if I can't because I'm going to bed, I'm not going to freak out about it. There's always tomorrow.



Pam90X said...

WOW good stuff hun. First of all you should be proud now!!!! Second it's awesome that you are well on your way to your new found life :) Membership at the gym can only lead to good things yourself and they'll be drawn to you :) The tummy tuck is a means to an are right you will finally be able to see visually all that you have done so far. Research the doctor's your homework on that one. And OHIP covering it is a HUGE bonus!!!! Yay health care...why people want to privatize it I'll never understand.

As for your ankle...we'll make sure you're wrapped up good...Kevin is great with that stuff....oh there's this brace called get a prescription from your Doctor and it's covered by benefits...the controller here at work told me about it (He plays baseball and has sprained both ankles in the past and that never heals so he wears these). They apparently are doesn't allow your ankle to move but you don't have the uncomfortable brace pressing against you or something like that...he swears by them. If you don't get a prescription for your benefits they are $100 each. They have a website... check it out.

Did you do the P90X?

Mindy said...

wow that sounds fantastic~ and way to go on the big numbers!!! I am with you i'd much rather have a scar than the saggy skin. when i'm done having babies i'll be gettin a little nip tuck done as well and i can't wait!

Good luck with the new gym membership. what a great way to stay focused

Moi said...

Good idea to get to know the place you want to work at. Show them what you got!!

Awesome about the tummy tuck. Too bad about the tendonitus. Oh well, you came out ahead in that one.

Frick, 73 pounds is fantastic. You rock girl