Monday, May 10, 2010

A Promise IS A Promise...

...especially when u make it to yourself. I promised myself that I would do P90X today. And I made myself keep it. I didn't start until 10:10pm, which is NOT the best idea on the planet, but I did it...well what I COULD do tonight. I completed 1.5 of the 2 rounds tonight. But in my defense, inspite of the time, and the fact that I was already exhausted and a bit bummed out, I kicked my own ass. Instead of sticking strictly to the exercise bands for the pull-ups, I did actual pull-ups, plus the bands. It's a LOT harder than one would think. I loved it. My muscles were screaming. Trouble is, it wears you out faster than just the bands. By time I hit the 1.5 mark (40 mins approx) I was weak, nauseaus and just wiped out. I brought my A game and I'm proud of it. Totally going to soak in the jacuzzi bath right now. I need it.

Eating...gluten free- check...sugar-free-not so much. I made ribs and home made BBQ sauce which included sugar. Water-not enough. Supplements-some. Vitamins- nope. Digestive enzymes-nope.

One thing I joints hurt. I'm pretty sure it's because of the sugar. When I'm sugar-free, I'm not in pain. The last time I did P90X, I was sugar-free and gluten-free for almost 4 months before I started. I'm noticing the difference. All the more reason to smarten up and get off that poison. Tomorrow, zero refined-sugar!

Goals for tomorrow: EVERYTHING I DIDN'T DO TODAY!

I mean business here. I'm on a mission, and I WILL NOT fail myself. This means TOO much to me...and I CANNOT wait to succeed...which I totally will! :o)

Bring on tomorrow! Ha. I'm ready for u!


Pitbull said...

Good for you baby!! You must have pipes of steel man! I don't know how in the hell you do pull-ups! Seriously...I can't even do one! But then again...I'm still doing female push-ups too...and you've been doing the male ones FOREVER!! You totally rock! So proud of you for your accomplishments so far! Keep up the GREAT work woman!!

Spitfire said...

why thankyou. The pullups were chair assisted, but I totally still pulled my body up...Plyometrics today, yikes. That's the bugger that hurt my left foot a few months ago that I'm still dealing with. This should be interesting. And pushups kicked my booty last night! Too long off in between. Lesson learned!

Pam90X said...

You are amazing!!!!! One day I will do pull ups :) And proper push ups but for now I'll stick to my girly ones LOL

Keep up the good work and go easy on plyo...take care of that foot.