Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mixed Emotions....Couch to 5K

Well, tonight I started my Couch to 5K training. It took me 53:25 to do 3.1 miles. Sure, that may be ok for a beginner. Last year, I walked my 5K, and did it in 55:+ ish. I'm frustrated right now because I walked for 5, then jogged for 60 sec, walked for 90 sec, jogged for 60 sec, walked for 90 etc, as per the program...perhaps my 'brisk walk' should be faster. I walked at a 3.0-3.1. I only beat my last year time by what, 2 minutes? And I'm 52 pounds lighter!!! Grrrr. My hubby is trying hard to make me feel pleased with myself..."did you just do a 5K? Isn't that fantastic? How can you feel disappointed with yourself, you just did 5K!"
The logical part of me IS pleased. Some other part of myself,...the competitive side, perhaps, feels let down. How can I have jogged all that time, and only cut 2 minutes off? Okay, okay....I give. I AM pleased. Okay, hubby! Sheesh. He says to me..' it's 10 pm, and you just decided, 'hmm, I'll do a 5k,' and off you went. Last year you had to psyche yourself up to do it" he walks away laughing. So, I guess I see his point. Point taken, honey! LOL. So, booyah to me...I did a 5k tonight. Better? LOL

total workout: 55 minutes.

Another Late Night...

Last night my hubby and I went out of town. We did a little shopping, had a nice dinner, and went to the movies...Sherlock Holmes beckoned us. We had a really nice evening. But by the time we got home, it was almost 10:30. Another late night! I wasn't about to let that get in my way though. So here's what I did.

Hyper-Extension Bench:
3 sets of 10...really felt my back

Bench Press:
12 reps @ 40 lbs/ 12 reps @ 50 lbs/ 11 reps @ 60 lbs/12 reps @ 50 lbs

Overhead Extensions:
3 sets of 15 reps @ 12 lbs

30 minutes.
I didn't feel 'tired' from working out, that is to say, I could have done more, physically. But I was so tired because it was after 11...make sense? LOL

I skipped the Ab Ripper X. My back and sides ache, they feel bruised. That's a product of my snowmobile accident from 14 years ago...whenever I use my back, it becomes inflamed, and then I feel sick. My abs are back has serious issues. That's why I'm using the Hyper-Extension try and strengthen my back. So, I'm going to give a few days off between Ab Ripper X's, and hopefully that will help. Chronic back pain sucks...but letting it stop me, that would suck worse, and frankly, thats not going to happen!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Little Engine That Could....

Today, I'm not feeling well. I've barely eaten ...and I went for a few hour nap this afternoon. I made myself get up, and after drinking a recovery drink...which I would need to get me through the workout, I got on that treadmill. I walked for 8 minutes, then jogged for 4. After getting that initial adrenaline rush, I decided that I was going to push my max...and so I did. I walked for 3 minutes, then RAN at 5.0 for 2 minutes. Hmmm...seems I'm stronger than I thought. So after walking for 3 minutes, I RAN at 6.0 for 1 minute, then walked the remainder to make it a 25 minute workout. I surprised myself. My heartrate was through the roof, but it recovers quickly. This little engine that could...did...and I feel sooo happy about that, because I really really needed it today.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 1 of P90X Hiatus.....

Day 173 of consecutive daily exercise.

Okay, so I was interested how this post P90X stuff would work...being used to doing a certain routine, or workout system daily, and now, on my own. Fortunately for me, I'm a good self starter. I was going to do the treadmill tonight, but it was hot down there from a good roaring fire. My hubby suggested doing my other plan, which is : hyper extension bench + bench press + exaggerated overhead extension + ab work. So that's what I did.

1) Hyper extension bench: I did 3 sets of 10...making sure I went up slowly to allow the abs to work. Felt the booty and legs too!
2) Bench press: 40 lbs @ 10 reps/ 50 lbs @ 10 reps/ 60 lbs@ 9 reps/ 50 lbs @ 10 reps/
3) Overhead extension: 12 lbs @ 10 reps/12 lbs @ 15reps/12 lbs @ 15 reps

Ab Ripper X: WOW...349 ab/core exercises. I'm so happy Tony says "if you need a break, TAKE them!" Because, man! Did I ever need a break. Happily though, I completed the whole thing. Thank goodness we don't do THAT every day!

Todays workout was 66 minutes and I feel great.

Tomorrow - treadmill.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

P90X Grad!

Week 13, Day 7...X Stretch! I did it. I completed the full 90 days, zero days off! I actually enjoyed tonights X Stretch. I wanted to make sure I went out with full potential met. Frankly, I felt like I was hit by a truck for a couple hours before I attempted it...and had to force myself to do it. In fact, I wasn't sure I'd stay maybe I'd fall over. But, I did it, and actually did a good job of it too. My body needed it. I was very proud of my efforts tonight. Three weeks doing other workouts...and then round 2 of P90X!

Week 13, Day 6 Yoga X

Ok, so I said I'd do my best with the Yoga tonight....and it turns out my best was only 33 minutes worth. But that's ok. The 33 minutes I DID do was actually good...I actually enjoyed it. Who'd a thunk it? LOL. My 12 year old daughter came down and was talking with me and watching me...and I got distracted...but 33 minutes is not bad.

K, X Stretch tomorrow. THIS I WILL finish strong, and send my first round of P90X out with a bang!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Week 13, Day 5, Core

Only did half tonight again. I am just too tired! Went out of town, got back late...finished 30 minutes at 10:40...again, better than nothing. I'm a bit disappointed with this past week. I think I've only managed to finish Cardio X, and Kenpo. Going to finish the week strong, even tho Yoga is slated for tomorrow. I will do a good job with it. Then X Stretch...and I'm a P90X grad! Oh btw, I did 15 staggered hand- stacked foot pushups tonight!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Week 13, Day 4, X Stretch

K, so I did half of X Stretch tonight. Again, I'm going with 30 minutes is better than not. It's 10 pm...the day got away from me again...only this time it was because of choices...I chose to do other stuff, can't blame it on the kids, ;oP
But, I did some and I feel good. I'm tired and I just don't feel like doing any more.

Tomorrow...Core Synergistics. GOING TO DO IT EARLY! Right, Lisa!!

The Primal Blueprint....yeah baby!

I am SO excited! I just ordered "The Primal Blueprint" from Hopefully I'll get it next week...
I think this book is going to be amazing...from what I've read thus far. And I think it will be easily adapted into my lifestyle since I'm about 95 % of the way there anyway. Anything that will make me healthier, help me lose weight easier, and help me become more fit...I'm totally IN!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week 13, Day 3, Kenpo X

Once again, I'm finishing a workout after 10 pm. My husband didn't get home early like we fact he was late, so, it had to be after the kids were in bed. I didn't have much steam tonight, but I brought all that I had. My heart rate was up tonight too, but that's ok. I worked hard.

X Strech tomorrow is going to feel amazing!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 13, Day 2...Cardio X

Today was supposed to be Core Synergistics...but I just couldn't do it with my kids today, and then, after I put them in bed, I dozed out for half an, here it is 10 pm AGAIN, and I didn't have an hour in me. But I chose Cardio X...that workout is golden for when you just don't even feel like exercising, even if you happen to LOVE P90X! I LOVE this workout. I turned the music off of the DVD, so I just heard Tony talking, and I listened to my own music. I feel awesome. The workout goes so fast, and you still sweat like a pig.

Tomorrow...Kenpo. I think my hubby will be home earlier, so I will definitely get this in before 10 pm.

Week 13, Recovery and Abs....subbed X Stretch

Monday, Dec. 21/09 Well, I got in late last night, and I was gone early, so I didn't have the time, stamina or energy to do Yoga today. I did sub X Stretch tho...but I only did 33 minutes of it. I was just too tired, it was 10:15 pm...and I had to go to bed. Kept the streak alive, got a little stretching in after LOTS of driving. Felt good, and I needed the sleep.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 12, Day 7...X Stretch..In The Home Stretch

Today was the last of the week 12 workouts...ushering in the recovery and ab week. THEN, I will officially be a P90X grad. The workout was ok tonight...I had many many distractions...from...ahem...the hubby. Apparently, he likes watching X Stretch. I issued a 'NO TOUCH' rule for X Stretch...and I may just have to order a "no watch" rule too...Men! LOL. Very flattering though. supposed to be Yoga X...but I'm out of town all day...I may have to sub it for something else...awww...what a shame. hehe.

In Between P90X Rounds (Workout Plan)

Well, I've been thinking about what I will do for my 3 weeks post round one of P90X. After this next week of Recovery and Abs....I am officially a P90X Grad...need to buy me that TShirt!
So, what to do.....
Here's what I've come up with so far:

Mon, Wed, Fri. - Treadmill...walk/jog intervals. Begin Couch to 5K.

Tues, Thurs, Sat. - Ab and back workout (hyper extension bench, Ab ripper X, ball)

Sunday - X Stretch. (I see no reason why I cannot keep this in my program)

I'm going to start with this...but I may change things up...IF I buy some Kettle Bells...we'll see tho.

I think doing this for 3 weeks will keep me active, keep my streak alive, and prepare me to kick it up a bunch of notches for my next round of P90X.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Week 12, Day 6, Kenpo X

This morning, I did a sort of locked/yawn/stretch and pulled something in my neck. Lovely, right? Well, I wasn't letting that stop my Kenpo I went ahead and worked up a fabulous stretch. The only thing I had a bit of trouble on with neck pain is the side kick for that side. However, having said that, I also noticed how much progress I actually made with my kicks. I went from 'shin' kicks to making belly kicks. That's how much height I've gained with my kicks on both sides. I'm happy to have my workout done for the day as well.

X Stretch tomorrow...boy, that's going to feel really goooood!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Week 12, Day 5, Legs & Back

Well, I killed the last leg & back workout of this round. Although, I have come to the realisation that Jillian would indeed kick my ass when it comes to the wall squat sequence. Man, that stuff is hard! On the goal list to improve for the next round, for sure. My legs are exhausted...but feel awesome. And yes, I'm finishing this workout at 9pm. I know I keep saying that I've got to get the workouts in earlier...this week for sure. My hubby is off Thurs for 12 days...and I'm hoping to use that time to establish a good workout while I'm on hiatus from P90X.

My favorite, Kenpo X tomorrow... TO BE COMPLETED BY NOON!

Friday, Dec. 17th...Week 12, Day 4...Yoga X...or not...maybe

I was sooo tired last night. The whole night slipped by. With Bridget being sick, and miserable...and making supper....and just feeling drained, by the time I got to YogaX, it was 10pm. I started it...but you know, I only got 30 minutes into it, and then I threw my towel in. I had to give it up. I did give it the last ounces of steam I had 30 minutes is better than zero minutes....and my streak is still in tact. Today, Emily is home..being the last day of school before holidays. I'm going to count on her to help with the kids so I can get this working out done earlier in the day....I cannot keep doing late night workouts!

Legs & Back today.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 Goals

So Steve-o asked what our goals were for the new year...and that made me think a bit. I have been planning this next year out in my I thought it was appropriate to state them, put them out into the universe.

My 2010 Fitness Goals:

1. Join Karilynn's new competition...excited about this because Pitz is doing it with me....YAY!
2. I have my first 5 k of 2010 already registered and paid for, March 7, Burlington,'s aptly called The Frosty 5K!
3. I will likely do another 5K in May, before it gets too warm out.
4. I want to join the local Triathalon team here, called The Nacho Average, and begin training.
5. I will be about 165 lbs by June.
6. By Fall 2010, I will be at my goal weight.
7. Fall 2010, I have my first half marathon!!!
8. Fall 2010, I want to enrol in some Personal Training courses....and get that ball rolling.

I am sooo stoked about my goals. They are not only goals, they are going to be accomplished!

What will you accomplish in 2010?

Isn't it exciting...the world of possiblilities that await now that health and fitness is being achieved?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 12, Day 3, Back & Biceps...oooh baby!

I am so pUmPeD uP! I love this workout. One day you're all getting free tickets to the show...the gun show! LOL. Seriously, my arms are so pumped and strong. I UPPED all my weights...some of the moves I'll be into 25 pounds next round...and almost all of the others will be edging out of the 15's into the 20's, with one or two into the 15's. So far, I've upped them all, and can still kick out high reps...I love it!

Yoga X tomorrow...well, whatever. LOL. I'm sure one day I'll like this one...right?!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 12, Day 2, Plyometrics...

It's been a while since I did that workout, because of my right knee. I forgot how much I actually enjoy it....if a person could enjoy torture. LOL. Seriously though, it's awesome! And you know what? This time, I was sooo much was like an entirely different person doing it. My! Have they ever gotten stronger. I did tweak my left knee a bit *shrugs* but, whatcha gonna do about that, eh. So, instead of doing 59 minutes, I did 52...and I'm completely drenched in sweat. I'm very proud of this last Plyo...and it just makes me eager with anticipation for round 2, to see my progress from the beginning to the end of round 2!

Tomorrow, Back & Biceps...sooo looking forward to that one. I love Bicep workouts!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 12, Day 1, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

My arms are toast! A lot of things I improved upon...a couple I didn't. I'm proud of my last Chest, Shoulders & Tricep workout for this round tho. I gave it my all...and then some. On the One-Arm Balance Push-Ups, I came down hard, like a red headed tree. LOL. My arms were so tired from the rest of the workout, and the fact that I pushed hard, they didn't have it in them to hold me up. But that's ok. At least I tried. I ended up doing this workout at 8:45pm..which is just too late for me to have to push so hard with strength...and this house is hubby has a fire on, and let me just say it's a good job I work out in the Family room where the TV is, because there's a ceiling fan to cool me down....or I may just be reduced to a puddle of mush. Man! Too hot!

Plyo tomorrow! Gotta get this done earlier....and I want to do a treadmill in the morning. Hopefully that will pan out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 11, Day 7...X Stretch...Ahhhhhh!

I am SOOO tired, but I'm glad I did the X Stretch. Now I'm also relaxed. My hams really needed the stretching after Legs and Kenpo...they felt tight.
Today I've been extraordinarily tired. It could be because I've been getting to sleep late all week...which I will not do this up coming week. Seems this gal needs her beauty sleep more than ever, just ask the bags that are packed under my eyes. Sheesh!

Tomorrow begins week 12! Then ab and recovery week...THEN P90X GRAD! WOW. I'm definitely buying a P90X shirt...I deserve it. I've decided to take Pitbulls advice and do my jogging every other day, starting this week. I've also got to reorganize my workout schedule and work around the kids. I did late evening workouts almost all week, and that's just too darn tiring. SO, gonna have to rethink that.

Bring on Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps...can't wait! XO

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week 11, Day 6, Kenpo X...My Fitness Soul Mate

How many times can I say it? I LOVE KENPO X! This workout was created especially for least that's how it feels. We're such a good match. It's my fitness soul mate. All of the P90X workouts are special in themselves, but this one...this one has my heart. My legs were so stiff and sore from last nights Legs workout...but they loosened up in no time.

So I have had a couple people mention that I don't take full body shots of myself...and my wonderful mentor told me that when I was ready it would be a good idea to do it....and you know, he was right. Today, I felt kinda good about myself. I think I looked actually attractive...and I love the fact that I'm getting my body back. It's evidence to me, that I WILL get it all back, that I will one day walk proud, head held high, confident about my appearance. Today, after I got ready to go for lunch and a movie with my husband, I decided it was the day to take a picture. Sorry for the quality.

Week 11, Day 5, Legs & Back

Tonight I did legs & back. It was the first time I did that workout in a couple of weeks, and I was nervous, for some reason. I had subbed it before because of my knee, but my knee is fine now, so I decided to do it. And wouldn't you know, I had a great workout. The Sneaky Lunges were tough though...I only got half in before the burn hit...same with the Toe Roll Iso lunges. But I was happy nontheless because I was able to do it. My legs were sore from the shoveling I did this morning. Pushing 2 1/2 feet of snow out of the way, digging out vehicles requires a full body workout. It was awesome.

Oh, and yesterday, I wore pre-Bridget jeans...jeans I haven't been able to wear in almost 7 years!...AND they were baggy! Feeling pretty damn good!

Today, KENPO X baby, after we come back from dinner and a movie.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 11, Day 4, Yoga X

Well, I did it. And, I did it early on in the day. It was really difficult for me today. I don't know if it's because I was tired this morning, or because I haven't been feeling well, or because I hadn't done Yoga X for a while. But man, it was tough. I struggled through it tho. I'm sure you're not supposed to swear during Yoga...but those balance postures sure frustrate me. LOL.

I also did 20 minutes on the treadmill, walking/jogging. I didn't have much steam today. I'm thinking that maybe I need to get up earlier, do the 30 minutes TM, THEN do the P90X earlier in the morning as well. It seems that I'm extra tired if I do the TM after the P90X. That will be an interesting thing to debate.

Tomorrow, Legs & Back, I do believe.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 11, Day 3, Shoulders & Arms

Bitchin workout tonight. I am SOOOO exhausted. My arms are toast. Just the way I like it. I UPPED some weights, UPPED some reps...what more can I ask for. I do feel a bit nauseaus, could be residual flu or whatever had me yesterday and off and on today...but it could also be the water I drank...thirsty for some reason. I'm very pleased with the progress I made, and I love that I have it written down for when I do the next round of P90X.

Also today, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I walked 5 minutes, jogged for 6, walked 3, jogged 4, walked 3, jogged 4 and walked the last 5. I love that I'm progressing in this area too. The treadmill doesn't seem so boring now...and I think that on my 3 weeks off after this round of P90X, I'm going to try the 'couch to 5k' program...see how far I can go with that.

Tomorrow...Yoga X. I'm planning on trying to get that done early in the day. Lately I've been doing my P90X at night....just can't seem to get it going during the day now that I'm doing the treadmill....somehow I've got to figure that out. I'm so tired right now. It's 20 to 11. Too late to be doing this...I still have to take a recovery drink.

Week 11, Day 2, Plyo out..Nausea too much...X STretch in.

For some reason, around noon today, I got a headache. I took an Aleve. The headache didn't go away. But I DID begin to be nauseaus. My stomach started to do strange things. 45 minutes later, I took another Aleve....eventually the headache left...but the nausea stayed all day. I barely ate anything. I ate a Babybel cheese thing after I took the help calm my stomach. I put a chicken in to roast, and all I could think was 'how am I going to do this?' The smell of chicken roasting makes me sick normally...and I was already nauseaus to start. Great. I got through it...and decided that I'd better try and eat I did. I managed to eat dinner. WOW. But the nausea stayed. Now I debated...I cannot break my streak, but I did not have Plyo in me...and I did not have Cardio X in I opted for X Stretch. I struggled through X Stretch...and then I started to feel ok. But, I only made it 50 minutes through it because my husband was watching, and the more moves I did, the ......more of a fan of X Stretch he became. LOL. I get to Camel, put my hands on the arches of my feet, drop my head back, and all of a sudden, he's on me, kissing me. Yep. X STretch was totally interrupted. Thanks Tony, for putting moves in there that men cannot resist. LOL I said to him "this is X Stretch, Not Sex Stretch!" LOL. After I was mauled, I kicked him off me, and I did the last few moves. He has informed me that he cannot wait until my next X Stretch day.

50 minutes when I feel like puking is pretty good....and my streak is firmly in tact! Yes!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Week 11, Day 1, P90X Chest & Back....Rome Wasn't Built in A Day, Neither Will This Body Be!

I was a little concerned initially since my left lat is still pulled...but it didn't bother me at all. I do feel slightly nauseaus though. I guess that's a good means I brought everything I had and then some. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress, and thinking ahead to when i do round 2 of P90X...what I will be able to accomplish at the end of that. It's exciting to think about.

Today I also did the treadmill. I did 22 minutes as that was all the time I had before I had to get ready quick to take Emily to her specialist appt. But, even tho I was 8 minutes short of the 30 I normally like to do, I upped it anyway. I walked for 5, then JOGGED FOR 6! Six minutes is the most I have done to date at once. Then I walked for 3, and jogged for 3, and walked for the rest. My heart rate was barely in the 160's when I did the 6 minute jog...and that tells me that I am more fit than I was even last week when I did the jog and was topping out in the high 170's. I'm going to keep up with this jogging/walking thing I'm doing, and along with the P90X, I know this weight will melt off, just as soon as my body decides that it's over this plateau.

Tomorrow...Plyometrics. It should be the first Plyo I'm not subbing since my knee started acting up. I wonder how I will do considering that the treadmill tires me out. We'll see. I'm hoping to do the TM earlier in the morning...and that should give me enough recovery time. I hope so anyway.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 10, Day 7, P90X X Stretch

Week 10 is in the bag. I was tired tonight...the day slipped by again, so I had to do it tonight...finished at 11. That's too late for me. I'm tired. But now I'll be all rested, and stretched to hopefully enjoy a good night sleep. I decided to not do the treadmill today...that I can do it 6 days a week, but give this stretch day, a true day of stretching/resting.

Treadmill and P90X Week 11, here I come.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week 10, Day 6, P90X Kenpo X

Oh yeah baby, I did it. And I loved every single minute of it.
I'm also getting stronger and stronger....upping my workouts...doing the treadmill and adding jogging intervals this week have helped me considerably. I did the treadmill every day this week, and I went from jogging to 3 minutes straight to jogging 5 minutes straight. My legs were tired at the beginning of Kenpo tonight...but that got worked out...and the routine was fabulous. I found myself thinking ahead to round 2, and how much more I will be upping everything, even tho I'm killing it now. By then I should be in the 220's and heading on an express train to One-derland.

X Stretch tomorrow.....and maybe the treadmill...I'm considering giving the X stretch day a day off the treadmill...I'll decide tomorrow.
I'm pretty proud of my performance today. The past couple of hellish days are behind me, and I'm back baby, better than ever!

Treadmill...killed it

For my FIRST workout today, I jumped on the treadmill. I LOVE that I'm finding my power. I walked the first 8 minutes to warm up...then I jogged for FIVE, 5! I walked for 3, jogged for 4. Walked for 3, jogged for 3, walked for 4. I got a 30 minute workout that really felt great. I'm finding more power in me as I go. I could have gone for more jog intervals, but I have to get going..have a shower and head out on the road. Be back later for Kenpo X, baby!

Friday, only half of Ab Ripper X

I didn't have it in me today. I had not been so tired in a long time, and I was emtionally drained too. So, after I put kids in bed, I finally did something. I put Ab RipperX in, but only had enough steam for half of it...but that didn't sit well with, I went down to the treadmill, and made myself get on. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing proper workout clothes, so I had to hold the sisters down when the inevitable hit...yep, I walked for 5 minutes, then jogged for 2, walked for 2, jogged for 2, then just power walked for the rest. A 20 minute work out is better than NO workout.

I'm heading to the treadmill soon. Going to start my day off right, then shower, get ready and head out to drive my sister to meet her boyfriend about 2 hours from will be long day for me. My hub is staying home with Bridget and Issy, since B is isolated still.

THEN P90X TONIGHT!! Kenpo X, baby!

Friday, December 4, 2009 P90X!

I know...I's what happened.

In the morning, I did a 30 minute treadmill where I walked 5 minutes, jogged 4, walked 2, jogged 3, walked 2, jogged 3, power walked 11. I felt so good about myself.

Fast forward to Thursday night....Bridget, my 5 year old came over complaining of a sore neck. So, I take a look. She has a huge lump...definitely worry worthy. After debating it for a bit, I ended up taking her to emergency. She has the mumps...they suspect it at least. So she had to have blood work, a throat and cheek swab, urine samples....and a report written up. Now, she is isolated for 9 days...We got home last night at 10:15, and I was drained. Not a very good sleep last night either...and Issy, my 3 yr old and I have to go and get Mump booster shots this afternoon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 10, Day 3, P90X Back & Biceps

Wow...I pushed that out...pumped it up...killed it....brought it....'blew out my esophagus'...Loved every second of it!
I know I sound like a broken record....but I LOVE weight training! LOVE IT! I upped most things tonight again, and really pushed to exhaustion.

The progress I'm most proud of is....
One Arm Corkscrew Curls - went from 16 reps @ 15 lbs to 15 reps @ 20 lbs.
Curl-Up-Hammer Downs - went from 12 reps @ 15 lbs to 6 @ 20 lbs + 6 @ 15 lbs. Hammer Curls went from 12 reps @ 15 lbs to 13 reps @ 20 lbs.
Strip-Set Curls went from 8 @ 15 lbs, 8 @ 10 lbs, 8@ 8lbs, 8@ 8lbs to 5.5 @ 20 lbs, 8 @ 15lbs, 8@ 12 lbs, 8@ 10 lbs.

I'm feeling so pumped up right now, my arms are sooo tired, I'm shaking typing this. LOL. It's so fabulous! LOVE IT!

And now for the downer...Yoga X tomorrow. Ha! Kidding...sort of. I'm going to try and be positive about it...

Today is a total success. Instead of doing the treadmill this afternoon, I went outside and made a snow 'girl' with my 5 yr old and 3 yr old. Then we went for a walk...which turned into me grabbing Bridgets hand while Auntie grabbed Issy's hand...and saying "let's run." So we jogged. It was awesome. Bridget giggled, Issy did too...and we jogged for like 30 second bursts. When Bridget got too tired, I picked her up, threw her on my back and piggyback jogged her up the hill. Then I walked for a bit, and picked it up again to a jog. We stopped in at my inlaw's house, took a little breather...let the kids get some energy back, about 10 min....and then headed back home. We jogged a bit....then Bridget got too tired, so I threw her on my back again, and did some walking/jogging intervals. It was a great workout. I felt awesome. It's funny, Bridget weighs about 45 pounds, and it dawned on me...not long ago, I carried that weight around 24/7! I'm soooo happy to be free of that weight! Can't wait to be free of a 5 yr old AND a 3 yr old. LOL.

I do have a bit of an issue. I have another muscle's on my left breast/pec and it's a tearing feeling. I know it will get better in a week or so, and I made it through this back and bicep workout...that's awesome.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 10, Day 2, Cardio X

So I switched it from Plyo to Cardio X because I did the treadmill this afternoon, and jogged. I didn't want to tweak my knee too much, and screw up my new regimen.
Cardio X is pretty tip... Don't do Yoga with a mat, wearing running shoes! Totally buggers you up! LOL. I had to kick off shoes and sox...then throw them back on for the Kenpo section.
I ran out of my regular recovery drink, so I had to take my shake stuff...not so fond of it all on it's own, but it did the job.

Back and Biceps tomorrow....hmmmm should be interesting, considering the fact that my upper body is SORE! :o)

Treadmill Success.

This afternoon I went on the treadmill again. I initially thought I'd just walk....but I know I had a sneaky suspicion that I would up it. And that's what I did. I actually jogged for 3 minutes straight...then I walked, then jogged for 2 minutes, then walked again, and jogged for another 2 minutes. I was on for 30 minutes, and I totally made the most out of it. I'm new to this jogging thing...and I've decided that I will love it.

Plyo or Cardio X tonight....time will tell.

Dec. 1st Biggest Loser Weigh-In

SW: 259
CW: 236
-23 pounds lost
And tons of self confidence gained! I'm loving myself, feeling attractive again, feeling fit and healthy. It's only the beginning, baby!

Week 10, Day 1, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

I didn't have access to the computer last night to input my I'm doing it now. I thoroughly enjoyed that workout. I worked my arms to death. I upped most weights, even those weighted circles, I upped it to2 sets @ 8lbs, then went to 2 sets @5. My arms were falling off. Of course, by the time the weighted arm circles came around, I had already done 16 other exercises, and tons of push-ups...which I did a lot the standard style. That's been my goal for a while now. Even though I'm afraid initially, I give it my best shot. No progress if no effort spent, right! I even TRIED to do a clap pushup the standard way, LOL...yeah, I wasn't fast enough.

Plyometrics today!! We'll see if I do that or Cardio X...gotta see how this knee is. My legs are aching a little today, likely from the treadmill yesterday. I've gotta go and do another treadmill this morning, but I'll TRY not to do any jogging. The problem is, once I get going, I want to push myself farther...and I usually do.