Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 10, Day 1, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

I didn't have access to the computer last night to input my workout....so I'm doing it now. I thoroughly enjoyed that workout. I worked my arms to death. I upped most weights, even those weighted circles, I upped it to2 sets @ 8lbs, then went to 2 sets @5. My arms were falling off. Of course, by the time the weighted arm circles came around, I had already done 16 other exercises, and tons of push-ups...which I did a lot the standard style. That's been my goal for a while now. Even though I'm afraid initially, I give it my best shot. No progress if no effort spent, right! I even TRIED to do a clap pushup the standard way, LOL...yeah, I wasn't fast enough.

Plyometrics today!! We'll see if I do that or Cardio X...gotta see how this knee is. My legs are aching a little today, likely from the treadmill yesterday. I've gotta go and do another treadmill this morning, but I'll TRY not to do any jogging. The problem is, once I get going, I want to push myself farther...and I usually do.

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