Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 12, Day 2, Plyometrics...

It's been a while since I did that workout, because of my right knee. I forgot how much I actually enjoy it....if a person could enjoy torture. LOL. Seriously though, it's awesome! And you know what? This time, I was sooo much stronger..it was like an entirely different person doing it. My legs...man! Have they ever gotten stronger. I did tweak my left knee a bit *shrugs* but, whatcha gonna do about that, eh. So, instead of doing 59 minutes, I did 52...and I'm completely drenched in sweat. I'm very proud of this last Plyo...and it just makes me eager with anticipation for round 2, to see my progress from the beginning to the end of round 2!

Tomorrow, Back & Biceps...sooo looking forward to that one. I love Bicep workouts!

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