Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 11, Day 2, Plyo out..Nausea too much...X STretch in.

For some reason, around noon today, I got a headache. I took an Aleve. The headache didn't go away. But I DID begin to be nauseaus. My stomach started to do strange things. 45 minutes later, I took another Aleve....eventually the headache left...but the nausea stayed all day. I barely ate anything. I ate a Babybel cheese thing after I took the help calm my stomach. I put a chicken in to roast, and all I could think was 'how am I going to do this?' The smell of chicken roasting makes me sick normally...and I was already nauseaus to start. Great. I got through it...and decided that I'd better try and eat I did. I managed to eat dinner. WOW. But the nausea stayed. Now I debated...I cannot break my streak, but I did not have Plyo in me...and I did not have Cardio X in I opted for X Stretch. I struggled through X Stretch...and then I started to feel ok. But, I only made it 50 minutes through it because my husband was watching, and the more moves I did, the ......more of a fan of X Stretch he became. LOL. I get to Camel, put my hands on the arches of my feet, drop my head back, and all of a sudden, he's on me, kissing me. Yep. X STretch was totally interrupted. Thanks Tony, for putting moves in there that men cannot resist. LOL I said to him "this is X Stretch, Not Sex Stretch!" LOL. After I was mauled, I kicked him off me, and I did the last few moves. He has informed me that he cannot wait until my next X Stretch day.

50 minutes when I feel like puking is pretty good....and my streak is firmly in tact! Yes!

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