Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Late Night...

Last night my hubby and I went out of town. We did a little shopping, had a nice dinner, and went to the movies...Sherlock Holmes beckoned us. We had a really nice evening. But by the time we got home, it was almost 10:30. Another late night! I wasn't about to let that get in my way though. So here's what I did.

Hyper-Extension Bench:
3 sets of 10...really felt my back

Bench Press:
12 reps @ 40 lbs/ 12 reps @ 50 lbs/ 11 reps @ 60 lbs/12 reps @ 50 lbs

Overhead Extensions:
3 sets of 15 reps @ 12 lbs

30 minutes.
I didn't feel 'tired' from working out, that is to say, I could have done more, physically. But I was so tired because it was after 11...make sense? LOL

I skipped the Ab Ripper X. My back and sides ache, they feel bruised. That's a product of my snowmobile accident from 14 years ago...whenever I use my back, it becomes inflamed, and then I feel sick. My abs are back has serious issues. That's why I'm using the Hyper-Extension try and strengthen my back. So, I'm going to give a few days off between Ab Ripper X's, and hopefully that will help. Chronic back pain sucks...but letting it stop me, that would suck worse, and frankly, thats not going to happen!!

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