Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday, only half of Ab Ripper X

I didn't have it in me today. I had not been so tired in a long time, and I was emtionally drained too. So, after I put kids in bed, I finally did something. I put Ab RipperX in, but only had enough steam for half of it...but that didn't sit well with, I went down to the treadmill, and made myself get on. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing proper workout clothes, so I had to hold the sisters down when the inevitable hit...yep, I walked for 5 minutes, then jogged for 2, walked for 2, jogged for 2, then just power walked for the rest. A 20 minute work out is better than NO workout.

I'm heading to the treadmill soon. Going to start my day off right, then shower, get ready and head out to drive my sister to meet her boyfriend about 2 hours from will be long day for me. My hub is staying home with Bridget and Issy, since B is isolated still.

THEN P90X TONIGHT!! Kenpo X, baby!

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