Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, Dec. 17th...Week 12, Day 4...Yoga X...or not...maybe

I was sooo tired last night. The whole night slipped by. With Bridget being sick, and miserable...and making supper....and just feeling drained, by the time I got to YogaX, it was 10pm. I started it...but you know, I only got 30 minutes into it, and then I threw my towel in. I had to give it up. I did give it the last ounces of steam I had 30 minutes is better than zero minutes....and my streak is still in tact. Today, Emily is home..being the last day of school before holidays. I'm going to count on her to help with the kids so I can get this working out done earlier in the day....I cannot keep doing late night workouts!

Legs & Back today.

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