Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 13, Day 2...Cardio X

Today was supposed to be Core Synergistics...but I just couldn't do it with my kids today, and then, after I put them in bed, I dozed out for half an hour...so, here it is 10 pm AGAIN, and I didn't have an hour in me. But I chose Cardio X...that workout is golden for when you just don't even feel like exercising, even if you happen to LOVE P90X! I LOVE this workout. I turned the music off of the DVD, so I just heard Tony talking, and I listened to my own music. I feel awesome. The workout goes so fast, and you still sweat like a pig.

Tomorrow...Kenpo. I think my hubby will be home earlier, so I will definitely get this in before 10 pm.


Beckstrom7 said...

I was wondering about the p90x and if it is really worth it. Seeing all you have posted I now wish I had the money for it. Its amazing what you have done. My thing is do I have the motivation to stick with it?

Spitfire said...

I totally think it's worth it. If you pay for it, you'll want to get your money out of it...but then, you'll LOVE what it is doing for your body, and mind. So, you'll keep doing it. It transforms! I LOVE IT!