Monday, December 7, 2009

Week 11, Day 1, P90X Chest & Back....Rome Wasn't Built in A Day, Neither Will This Body Be!

I was a little concerned initially since my left lat is still pulled...but it didn't bother me at all. I do feel slightly nauseaus though. I guess that's a good means I brought everything I had and then some. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress, and thinking ahead to when i do round 2 of P90X...what I will be able to accomplish at the end of that. It's exciting to think about.

Today I also did the treadmill. I did 22 minutes as that was all the time I had before I had to get ready quick to take Emily to her specialist appt. But, even tho I was 8 minutes short of the 30 I normally like to do, I upped it anyway. I walked for 5, then JOGGED FOR 6! Six minutes is the most I have done to date at once. Then I walked for 3, and jogged for 3, and walked for the rest. My heart rate was barely in the 160's when I did the 6 minute jog...and that tells me that I am more fit than I was even last week when I did the jog and was topping out in the high 170's. I'm going to keep up with this jogging/walking thing I'm doing, and along with the P90X, I know this weight will melt off, just as soon as my body decides that it's over this plateau.

Tomorrow...Plyometrics. It should be the first Plyo I'm not subbing since my knee started acting up. I wonder how I will do considering that the treadmill tires me out. We'll see. I'm hoping to do the TM earlier in the morning...and that should give me enough recovery time. I hope so anyway.

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Ellura said...

geez, I get tired just reading your post! haha You are really an inspiration.