Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beginner Triathlete

That's what I am...a beginner triathlete. I am a 'young athlete' in this arena.
A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed something in my life to take my mind off my troubles...over active mind, ya know. I've always wanted to join the local triathlon club called The Nacho Average. But I wasn't at a level in life, a physical place where I was ready to actually be as active as I would need to be. I had thought about this a couple years ago. And since then I have lost 100 pounds and am now ready to give it a shot. So I went into Ontario Trysport and bought my first hybrid bike. It's a road bike but also can be rode on hard back trails.
I was so excited I txted my friend Loretta and told her she HAD to do it with me....and my wonderful friend is doing just that. She bought a new hybrid bike as well. We've been out pounding the pavement for the last week training.
Thurs. March 31/11 - 10 k bike ride
Friday April 1/11 - 5.4 walk/jog intervals plus 1K cool down walk, plus a walk to the park with kids later that night.
Sunday April 3/11 - .5 K swim (20 laps) 30 mins
Monday-Tues off
Wednesday April 6/11 - 5.4 walk/jog intervals plus 1k cool down walk
Thursday April 7/11 - 18.2 K bike plus 1K cool down walk
Friday April 8/11 - 1 K swim (40 laps/55 mins)
Saturday off
Sunday April 10/11 - X stretch....
planning for next week
I have noticed a huge improvement in myself in just a week. The first walk/job was harder than the second one. The first bike ride I left my lungs on the hills that I rode up. The second one I rode up them and brought my lungs along for the ride. We really pushed ourselves and saw a noticeable difference. Our times were even cut on the walk/jog intervals by 12 minutes.
My hands were numb on the bike ride, must be gripping tighter than I need...and have to move arm positions to let the blood circulate properly again.