Monday, November 30, 2009

Back on the Treadmill, baby!

So as per my decision to up my activity, to speed up my progress, I jumped back on the treadmill today. The last time I was on the treadmill, I was 32 pounds heavier. Amazing what that difference makes. I used the Glute program, and at one point it upped the speed to a jog....and....I jogged! I don't know for how long, likely only a minute...but a minute with THIS knee was amazing. It was effortless for me. I could totally go longer. My cardiovascular strength/fitness is so much better, and my legs are stronger. If the program hadn't have gone down on it's own, I would have kept going to see how long I could have done it for. My knee DID do some weird locking-clicking-but loosely...hard to explain. But it didn't hurt. That's the difference. I wore my heart rate monitor too, and was in my zone, never going out. I was on for 30 minutes, and then my hubby startled me but walking in, and his face was one of pain, so instead of pushing pause, I inadvertantly pushed stop. He came home with a migraine. I love how fit I'm becoming. This afternoon, after my chiropractor appt to fix my jaw issue, I still have P90X. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps await me, as well as Ab Ripper X. I'm going to knock December outta the water. Just watch me!

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