Sunday, November 1, 2009

On The Search....Finding More Than a Missing Shirt!

I can't find where I put my shirt for the weigh in pictures. I think I was disappointed by what I looked like still, and I may have balled it up and chucked it in the closet. However, I still can't find that shirt. Maybe it's with the missing sox. I think there's a gremlin that goes around stealing clothes. I had a bra once. My favorite bra. It disappeared. Even when we moved and the entire apartment was packed up, I still never found that bra. Mysterious, eh? Well, this shirt IS somewhere. I know it. I just have to keep on looking. The thing with being of the large variety, is that I have TONS of black tops. TONS. I know I'll find it.
On my search for this one top in particular, it had me looking through my drawers. Well, curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself trying on every shirt/top/tank in my dresser. I was so thrilled. I was happy, listening to music, throwing too large shirts on a pile on the floor, folding clothes I hadn't worn in 7 YEARS and putting the now loose shirts back in my drawer, having evolved from 'someday' clothes into the present 'yes!' I am now back down to what I was before I became pregnant with my second daughter, Bridget. I am only 20 pounds away from my lowest that I have been in 5 years! What a cause for joy. Even tho I didn't come in first, second, or third in this months Biggest Loser competition, I feel I've surpassed that, and have come out the Grand Prize winner...renewed determination, affirmation that I WILL lose all my weight, and that it isn't going to take September next year, I fully expect to be at my ideal weight. And THEN, let the games begin! :O)

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