Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 9, Day 6, P90X Kenpo X

Well I did it. Even though I had sooo much to do, and I'm heading out of town in about half an hour, I did Kenpo X. I LOVE this workout. It's just what I needed today, despite feeling sorta outta sorts. My head hurts in a weird way, thanks to my jaw popping last night...gonna do some muscle relaxants...that might help.
My husband was nearby when I was working out, and he says to me "man, you're really shrinking, your waist is really shrinking" I loved hearing that. Of course I pick out my worst flaw on my body, my stomach and say "yeah, well, I'd love for THIS to be shrinking too." Yesterday, he told me that I don't see myself clearly anymore, meaning I have eyes that only see the 'fat' person I was. I know I have a looooong way to go, so I don't think I have that problem...maybe I'm being realistic, with realistic eyes. Oh well, one day, right?!
K, gotta jet. Must get outta here on time. Pitz here I come!

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Vicki said...

Good for you for working out even with your busy schedule, have a fun trip! :)