Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 6, Day 2, Cardio X

Today I pulled the old switcheroo. I didn't think I had Plyo in me today, my right knee is sore today. S O, I did Cardio X. Man did the time fly. I LOVE cardio X. I LOVE that it incorporated Kenpo, which if you know me, you know it is MY FAVORITE! Bridget and Issy came in during Kenpo, and Bridget finished the whole routine from there. She's 5! LOL. I feel great. I never expected to sweat as much because it didn't feel like tons of work like Plyo...but it's still working you hard, but just making it fun in the process. I'm glad that I found a new go-to if I don't think I have Plyo in me.

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p90xer said...

Alright! I did the same thing today lol! Cardio X is what they call a supplemental work out and I supplement it ALL the time. Well atleast for yoga and sometimes for plyo's. I love how it incorporates all of the condtioning routines. Way to play it smart and STILL Bring It!