Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 7, Day 4 Yoga X

I just didn't have it today. My right knee was hurting, and it put me in the wrong head space for Yoga X. I did do 30 minutes tho, before I decided to call it. I even went back and tried some more, but when the pain was there, my head said 'no'. So....I'm bummed. I may try and go back to do Ab Ripper X, later....and maybe I won't feel like such a failure today. Sheesh! I hate it when this happens. Grrrr!


I just got finished Ab Ripper X...and I'm sooo glad I did. Now instead of feeling so disappointed, I feel triumphant! I'm STILL P90X material, baby! And I'ma bringin it tomorrow too!


Jeff Pickett said...

Small bump in the road Lisa. That's all that is. You will bounce back better than ever. Take 2 and call me in the morning!

Spitfire said...

Thanks Jeff. I'm feeling much better about it. Physically, I'm a tough competitor, and I hate to not be able to work at my highest level. Mentally, it destroys me...and then I do some self Ab Ripper X helped a lot too. I know this little bump won't derail me. Thanks should I say Dr. Coach! :o)