Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 9, Day 1, Chest & Back...The 9 Week Journey.

So today was day 1 of week 9, Phase 3. It was interesting to see my progress particularily in the push-up department. The weights improved, and could have improved more, but something in my head said 'just stick to higher reps for toning'...but I can still do higher reps at higher weight, so that tells me that I should UP the weight again, which is totally ok, since I LOVE the weight aspect. My's amazing how much you depend on your knee even doing standard pushups...or not depend on much you actually use it. Think about put your feet a certain way, but what keeps your feet that way? Your knees. And so, I had to opt out of the last 3 kinds of push-ups. My knee had had enough. Freaking knee. Tomorrow is Plyometrics... that should be interesting!

Week 1 /Week 9

Standard Push-ups:
week 1- round 1)1 std, 20 knees /week 9-round 1)10 std, 10 knees
week 1- round 2) 10 knees, /week 9-round 2) std, 6 knees

Military Push-ups:
week 1-round 1) 10 knee/ week 9-round 1) 3.5 std, 7 knee
week 1-round 2) 10 knee /week 9-round 2) 3 std, 4 knee

Wide Fly Push-Ups:
week 1-round 1) 10 knee /week 9-round 1) 9.5 std, 7 knee
week 1-round 2) 15 knee /week 9-round 2) 5 std, 5 knee

Decline Push-Ups: (on chair)
week 1-round 1) 10 on knee on chair,/ week 9-round1) 4 std, on chair...tweaked knee
week 1-round 2) 6 knee on chair /week 9-round 2)skipped

My husband said, "and to think you were afraid to even try a push-up when you first started!" So, I may not be blowing Tony away, or anyone else for that matter, but it doesn't matter. I'm blowing ME away...and I'm sooo stoked about all the progress that I've made.

Weight improvements:

Heavy Pants:
week 1-round 1) 17 reps @ 15 lbs /week 9-round 1) 21 reps@ 15 lbs
week 1-round 2) 11 reps @ 15 lbs /week 9-round 2)15 reps @ 20 lbs

week 1-round 1) 13/15 reps @ 15 lbs /week 9-round 1)20 reps @ 15 lbs
week 1-round 2) 14/15 reps @ 15 lbs /week 9-round 2)17/18 reps @ 20 lbs

Back Flys:
week 1-round 1) 10 reps @ 15 lbs /week 9-round 1)20 reps @ 15 lbs
week 1-round 2)10 reps @ 15 lbs /week 9-round 2) 12 reps @ 20 lbs

For Pull-Ups, I used to use the beginner bar, at the beginner stage. I wasn't really impressed, although I was working hard, I wasn't feeling it like I thought I should be. There's no way I could do a pull-up on it's own. And I'm not even going to try a pull-up with a chair until I lose more weight. BUT, that wasn't going to stop me from getting the benefit of a good back workout. SO, I thought...why not use the bands? They show people working their butts off, working up a great sweat using that's what I did. I went to Fitness Depot and bought the heaviest, most resistant band they have, and I love it. I sure do feel my back!

I am loving this P90X! The only thing that is putting a damper on things is this freaking knee of mine. But I refuse to allow it to dictate what kind of Xperience I'm having, and I refuse to let it slow me down. I really am jacked UP about this last phase. And I can't wait to see how far I'm going to come this last month.'re not the boss of me! Knee...I'm going to show YOU who's boss! Ha!

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