Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Shriiiiinnnnnkkkkkiiiiinnnnnngggg!

I had a shower and got my nightie on....and thought it would be nice to be cozier. SO, I went into my closet and found my terry cloth robe. Well...the last time I put that robe on, likely last winter, I had to keep it closed by the tie...meaning there was NO overlap. I put it on tonight, and not only is there overlap, but there is at least 8 inches of overlap! I was so happy, I went down and showed my hubby. I said "look" and then I opened my robe, and then overlapped it and tied the tie. He smiled and said "I know, you're shrinking! I can totally see it." What an awesome feeling!
I decided that I'm going to start doing nice things for myself. Today, I went and bought some underclothes. Stoked about that. I wondered what I should do for myself....and then it dawned on me. I'm going to pamper myself. So, when I hit 40 pounds lost this year, (I'm at 34 so far) I'm going to get a facial. And every 10 pounds after that, I'm getting another facial. When I hit 50 pounds...I'm getting a pedi and mani. These are things I wouldn't normally do. I'm not a high maintenance girl...but you know what? You don't have to be high maintenance to enjoy some pampering...and after all this hard work I'm doing to reinvent my body...I think I deserve it. And I'm so happy my hubby thinks so too.

Heading to watch DVR'd Biggest Loser, commercial free, baby! :O)


Karilynn said...

WAHOO!!! I love overlap. There is nothing better than getting out of the shower and wrapping the towel around me and having it close!! I love that life has ways of showing us our hard work is paying off! CONGRATS!!! You will be getting a facial VERY SOON! ;o)

Jeff Pickett said...

You're totally rocking it Lisa! Great job on the pounds and inches lost. Even better, awesome reward you've created that is non-edible. We've grown accustomed in this world to reward ourselves with food. Your option not only makes you feel better about yourself - but it doesn't add pounds either.
I can't get a facial...but...I'll be wanting P90X Plus for Christmas as my reward.

Moi said...

That is fantastic!!! You rock it girl. I love spa treatments and could live at the spa. Try some hot rock massages, so work it!!

Ellura said...

This is the funnest post I have read in a long time! Your loss is totally awesome and you have worked so hard for it! Yeah, you deseve some pampering. Enjoy!