Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 8, Day 5, P90X, Cardio X

I decided to do Cardio X today instead of a full-on Kenpo X, or the slated Core Synergistics. I didn't think either my knee or my lat muscle would benefit. And I'm glad I switched it up. My knee has been aching and locking, and clicking and kind do you say it...dropping...all day, and yesterday. I put a hot water bottle on it during the day, and it helped it somewhat...but man! I am NOT letting that stop me. I REFUSE to let my knee dictate my P90X-perience. I modified where I needed to, yet I still brought it...working up a good head full of sweat. SO take THAT, KNEE! Ha!

Tomorrow...Yoga X...this should be interesting!

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