Friday, November 6, 2009

Wk 6, Day 5, Legs & Back

I decided that I'd try the bands because I was feeling more of my arms and less of my back....I'm still not strong enough to lift this body up with pull-ups. I will be one day! But for now, I want to still bring what I can and work the proper muscle groups. I actually liked it way more. I need to buy tighter bands to get a better workout. I still didn't do some of the right knee tweaks...and I really don't want to have a serious injury. When I was 17, I jumped into a pool, and the way I landed jammed my was swelled up for days, and I couldn't bend it. To this day, it cracks, and now, because I'm active, it hurts. I have to be careful not to wreck it with the lunges and put myself out of commission for Kenpo, Yoga, Plyo...etc. I don't just stand there during those ones...I do high leg marching, and I'm still bringing it. Kenpo tomorrow baby! I can't wait!


Sarah said...

YOU are my HERO! I am having a hard time sticking to P90X right now. I need to get some bands. Which color is hardest or moderate? Do you know? I am so proud of you and all your hard work. You really motivate me and thanks for updating with your P90X program.

Ellura said...

Hey, you are amazing with all these workouts. What a machine.
FYI - I have an old aerobics video that suggests lunging back instead of forward if you have knee problems. Apparently it still works the right muscles without damaging the knees. It worked for me. anyway, just a thought...

Anonymous said...

I've got Legs and Back today after re-arranging my schedule earlier this week. It literally kicked my butt last week and left me breathless. But I'm ready to take it on yet again. You'll have to write about your experience with the bands. I'm curious about trying that out just to change it up. Variety!
Keep shrinking!