Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feeling Good About Myself

This picture was taken this week...just before a P90X workout. I know, right?! I'm getting braver as I get more fit. I love that I'm beginning to have a figure again...and not just looking as wide as a piece of plywood, or a blob of flesh. It's comfy sweater is big on me...and sometimes I walk by the mirror, and something clicks in my brain...'unzip, take a look' LOL So, I do, and I'm always surprised that I'm shrinking...that I'm getting my body back...and I'm soooo happy about that. I'm even feeling a little hot, these days. It's ALL thanks to P90X, and my dedicated eating.


p90xer said...

Bravo Lisa...way to go! You really look fantastic and your right, take time to admire the results of all your hard work. I'm always stopping at the mirror or flexing my arms what!! Hey, you and me's worked hard at this. People that haven't done p90x will never realize how big a challenge it is. You've met that challenge...well done girl!!!

Moi said...

Way to go hot stuff. You look wonderful.